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SpeakOut 7/10

Thursday, July 10, 2003

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Mr. Holden does not understand the people of Missouri. The state's revenues are down due to a slow economy. The Legislature's position is that if the state does not have enough money to fund all the current programs, the state should cut out non-essential programs to maintain a balanced budget. That's how most Missourians handle their own finances. We keep our expenses within our income. Mr. Holden's position is that if the state does not have enough money to fund all programs, including the non-essential ones, the state should raise taxes to meet expenditures. That is what is known as "tax and spend economics." Our national leaders have practiced that method of funding for years, resulting in huge deficits which threaten our nation's economic security. Mr. Holden signed the legislature's balanced budget, but scolded them for trimming out the fat, and then threatened to withhold some of the funding he signed into law. Mr. Holden wants us to pay more in taxes, even though on average, we are less able to pay them because of increased unemployment and the lack of wage increases. Robin Hood stopped the Sheriff of Nottingham from doing the same thing for Prince John. Missouri can't afford Mr. Holden.

Attention, anyone but No. 1 likes to save money. No. 2 hates being overcharged, cheated and downright robbed legally. And last but not least, believe that we as a community can make a difference with a little effort. The next time you fill or refill a prescription, stop and count to 10. Then pick up your phone and call Super D, Randy's, Medical Arts, Medicap and your Wal-Mart pharmacies. Ask them what their prices are on four or five different over-the-counter items such as Tylenol, Ace bandages, Ben Gay, Pepto-Bismol and One-A-Day vitamins. Make sure you ask for identical items at all five pharmacies. Try to compare prices you yourself use the most. Then add the prices on some or all of your prescription drugs. If you do not find a huge difference (I mean as much as $1.50 versus $3.97; or $14.88 versus $28.90) then continue using your preferred pharmacy. I know people who are using two of these pharmacies because of convenience. Both are higher than the one you would least expect to be cheapest. One of them is downright guilty of legal robbery. I am a caregiver. I know what I am talking about. I pick up and have prescriptions delivered for the elderly all the time. Please do your homework. Count your prescription drugs - you may be short a pill or two. We need to put a stop to this. People are being cheated. I not only hope you print this; I pray that everyone who reads this will heed my warning. I am not just a person who is upset about being ripped off. I personally have not been, but I take care of the elderly and I have witnessed them being ripped off. Check your medicine.

I heard on the news that a female senior citizen was virtually kidnapped in the Sikeston Wal-Mart parking lot and forced to go to her bank and withdraw money for her kidnappers. Wal-Mart needs security guards in its huge parking lot. Wal-Mart treats its customers like criminals anyway. If I have allergies and buy medication or if I buy lithium batteries, I'm suspected as a meth maker. After going through the checkout with my garbage cans, it's again scrutinized at the door in case I put something in it. My $100 bills are scrutinized with suspicion. And if some clerk needing a laugh hasn't properly scanned my purchase, a voice at the door commands me to step back. This is unsolicited embarrassment to the ultimate.