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Losing weight only from your wallet

Thursday, December 11, 2003

American consumers spend billions - not millions, but billions - each year on weight loss products that, according to the most conservative estimates, are helpful far less than half the time. A report last year by the feds indicated that over half of all weight-loss advertisements are false, misleading and nothing short of out-and-out frauds. Yet weight-conscious Americans spend their hard-earning dollars in this obsessive quest for a weight reduction method that does not involve dieting and exercise.

The federal government this week published a new guide that tries to bring some common sense and truth to this lucrative industry. The new guide says that no weight-loss pill or supplement, etc. can be effective without proper diet and exercise. But we're basically lazy and thus, we look for that instant cure without all of the work and sacrifice that is truly required. And that combination is ripe for charlatans who offer something for nothing.

It's been said enough that we should all recognize it - if it looks too good to be true, it undoubtedly is. And that applies directly to the weight loss ideas that float around on late night television and in the supermarket tabloids.

The Federal Trade Commission clearly tells the public that most so-called "miracle weight loss products" are often empty promises. It is so obvious that everyone should see through these scams. Yet day after day, literally millions of Americans fork over their money on a shallow promise of weight loss that is doomed from the beginning.

I have never claimed to be an advocate of intrusive government programs. But if a gullible public continues to pour good money down the drain on fraudulent products, it's time for the feds to step in and monitor these crooks. The lure of easy weight loss is just too strong apparently. But the results just aren't worth the money. On that point, everyone agrees.

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