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Disruption is goal, not change of view

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Here's something to chew on. As many as one million protesters are expected to stage vocal opposition during the September Republican National Convention in New York City. Imagine if you can, one million people camping out in tents and elsewhere with one purpose in mind - to disrupt or shutdown the national convention of the GOP?

Protest is an acceptable part of the political landscape in this great country. Protesters are pledged to share their views on the world and hope for national television and other media attention during the week-long convention. And given the state of the national television media, they will get their share of attention.

But many of the protest groups are there for one single reason and that is to silence the message of the Republican Party. On that front, the protests look more like anarchy than legitimate protest.

People planning for tent cities during the protest have already contacted lawyers' committees to assist those who are arrested, legal observers to monitor police, baby sitters, dog walkers, translators, medics and even clergy members. In short, these fringe groups are there to disrupt the activities of the largest political party in America.

Now let's be honest here. The protesters cannot imagine in their wildest dreams that their presence will somehow alter the minds of the delegates and persuade them to change their direction. No, the protests are designed for one single purpose and that is to gain national media attention and allow their positions a national audience. There is no dispute on this point whatsoever.

Some of the groups who have already expressed plans to participate in the protest are Anarchists World Fair, Radical Teachers, Time's Up, World War III Arts-in-Action, the Campaign to Demilitarize the Police and Still We Rise. And that's just the beginning.

Here's an early guide for television viewers. If you watch the protests and agree with the points articulated by these radical groups, by all means vote for someone other than the Republican nominee. If, however, you view this rag-tag assemblage of disruption as divisive, incoherent, babbling idiots, then vote accordingly.

Either way, welcome to New York!

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