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Speakout 4/12

Monday, April 12, 2004

Here's a quote you might find interesting: "Particularly when covering politics, American journalism needs a spine transplant." Dan Rather told the Dallas Morning News, "Hurried journalism has grown tremendously in my lifetime and particularly in the last 10 or 12 years. I do not exclude myself from that." When Walter Cronkite used to close his segment, saying "That's the way it is," after he retired from the business, he said that was never the way it was. When Walter Cronkite was at Southern Illinois University last year, he criticized the Iraq involvement and said it is one of the worst things we have ever done. Why didn't you have a reporter over there, Mr. Editor, getting the information firsthand and transmitting it to our people? It's important to break through the myth that's presented to the American people if you're a true journalist.

I'm sorry we mythed his appearance.

To the city administrator, council members and citizens of Sikeston, you are to be commended for standing up for what is right, not only for you as individuals but for your community as well. When I read your article in the April 6 paper regarding the passing of the "No Tolerance Law," I had to ask myself, "If a town the size of Sikeston can do this, then a town the size of New Madrid should be able to do the same thing." Maybe Sikeston's administrator and council members put more pride in doing the job they were put in office to do and not worry about whose toes they might step on or who they might make made. My thoughts on the matter are, if you don't want to do the job and do it for what's best for the community, then don't take that position. You would think, being a historical town, that the city officials would take more pride in their jobs. We have several boats that stop here each year but the passengers only see Main Street (which is slowly deteriorating) and the Hunter-Dawson Home. If they were to venture much farther, I'm sure they would be greatly disappointed.

Someone, please do something about the traffic in town. Main and Malone has a Nascar feel to it day in and day out. Vehicles are always weaving in and out of traffic way over the speed limit. I'm scared for my life pulling out on to these roads. It is bad enough that people in this town cannot drive. The amazing thing is that most of the people I see doing it are adults. Come on folks. Are you really in that big of a hurry? What is a few seconds? It is not worth someone getting hurt. The life you save maybe your own.

Americans know why Richard Clarke accused the administration of not doing enough. He wanted, like many other scumbags, to fill his own pockets with the pain of victims' families and of this nation. He has used the families of the deceased by making an apology to them as if he knew this was going to happen. If he knew it would happen, why not speak to the press then? It is a sad day when America can be taken in by such greedy people who are at the end of their political life. His book is not worthy of our time.