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Just what would be fair in Kerry's world?

Wednesday, March 3, 2004

On the presidential front, Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry is now officially the Democratic nominee for president. Once Gov. Howard Dean imploded in Iowa, it became abundantly clear that Kerry would be the candidate of choice for the Democratic party. And just to illustrate the great divide between the two major political parties, Kerry last week was rated the most liberal senator in the nation. He took that top honor away from Hillary Clinton and Edward Kennedy. But aside from the conservative/liberal debate, Kerry will challenge President Bush in November in what is expected to be a fight to the finish.

I'm sure I'll be prone to make some political comments between now and November and it should come as no surprise in which direction I shall lean. But for now, let me question a comment made Tuesday by Sen. Kerry that has me baffled and bewildered.

Sen. Kerry told a national television audience Tuesday that his goal was to "restore fairness in our country again." And that's the basis of my question. What fairness are we not providing in this great country?

I noticed earlier in the day a discussion on Medicaid in the state of Missouri. The free health-care program for the low income will cost $4.5 billion in Missouri this year. That's a combination of state and federal tax dollars. Is it not fair when the working public provides funds to care for the medical needs of those who do not have the financial resources to pay for their own medical care?

And still earlier in the day I visited with the Housing Authority in Sikeston to discuss the abundance of subsidized housing that taxpayers provide for those unable to provide for their own housing. That seems abundantly fair to me. But perhaps not in the world of Sen. Kerry.

I guess I simply don't understand what Kerry means when he says we need to restore fairness. Is he talking about affirmative action and quotas? Is that the fairness that Sen. Kerry wants? Or is he concerned about the 80 percent of total tax revenue that is paid by 5 percent of the upper income wage earners in this nation? Is he wanting to somehow restore fairness to those select few who provide the overwhelming portion of the taxes that drive this nation?

Is Kerry's definition of "fairness" same-sex marriage? No that's not it because the good Senator from Massachusetts has already gone on record in opposition to that issue. It certainly can't be fairness concerning the war in Iraq because Kerry was among those who voted to take that initiative.

So just what the heck does Kerry mean by wanting a restoration of fairness? Maybe he means we should allow only his constituents to select the federal judges since the Democratic party has stalled countless nominations to the federal bunch. Now that's a prime example of fairness.

Maybe John Kerry wants the national media to mirror the New York Times and the Washington Post. Maybe Kerry wants all news reporters to emulate Dan Rather. Maybe John Kerry wants the south to follow the lead of the northeast. Maybe John Kerry wants an open door policy on immigration, a mandate for diversity and a greatly expanded federal government.

You see, in John Kerry's world, that would be fair. I'm just proud to say I don't live in John Kerry's world.

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