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Wednesday, Aug. 24, 2016

At last, legislation with common sense

Friday, February 20, 2004

Missouri state Senator Chuck Gross, R-St. Charles, gets it! Gross has introduced a "Common Sense Food Consumption Act" for Missouri that would ban people from suing restaurants and others because their food allegedly made them fat. The odd thing, of course, is that legislation is needed in the first place to eliminate these tiresome and frivolous lawsuits.

This bill - heard this week - is an outgrowth to a growing national trend of lawsuits against restaurants when some of their customers got too big in the britches - literally. To my knowledge, without fail these lawsuits have been a nuisance to the court system but have resulted in no financial gain for those filing the actions. And maybe, it's just a sign of the times - dismal as they often are.

Similar legislation has been introduced in 20 other states last year and this year. Hopefully, Missouri will be among the first to approve such legislation.

The issue of weight involves countless components. One of those is personal responsibility. Granted, some people have internal issues that virtually make them gain weight. But no one forces an individual to maintain an unhealthy diet or forces an individual to eat a steady diet of fast food. To file suit over a lack of personal responsibility is unfair on many fronts. If individuals were forced to pay the cost of these suits when they lose their case, these suits would evaporate overnight. But for now, the key word in this

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