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Speakout 1/26

Monday, January 26, 2004

Mike: Just what more would you do about drunk drivers? Hang first offenders (that's sure to cut it down). Or bring back prohibition?

How about a mandatory weekend jail visit for first offenders and permanent revocation for second offenders? Hanging can wait, for the third offense.

To the New Madrid County Commissioners: Please tell me how with a clear conscious you three along with the sheriff could vote yourselves a very substantial raise. At the same time tell all the other employees that they will not get a raise for the second year in a row. I know you will tell everyone that the state sets your salaries and you have nothing to do with it. But I believe what the state sets is a guideline and that you don't ahve to follow it, you just can't go over it. If the county funds are in such financial shape and you are telling everyone to cut their spending. I ask shouldn't you four follow suit? I mean set an example if the county is in such financial trouble. Then you should practice what you preaching and turn your raises down or could it be don't do as I do, do as I say.

We contacted County Clerk Clement Cravens who stated there have been no increases for any officeholder this year in the budget. He noted the 2004 budget is still being hammered out as the county works to make cuts in order to make a substantial dent in the deficit situation without hurting public services. Once the budget is completed, there will be a public hearing on it and it will be made available for public review in the clerk's office.