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Your view: Crime against children

Monday, January 26, 2004

Dear Editor,

The article about, Charles R. Jackson, claiming that parents should spank their children for a bad attitude is something that greatly upset me. I once held this belief also, my parents held it, and their parents held this belief. I don't disrespect the comment made, but I do wish this man would evaluate if he wants to change his views and opinions on this matter.

This "hit your child" mentality caused me severe emotional problems as a child. Yes, my attitude was "bad", because I had bad parents. Domestic violence was a weekly happening in our house, and brutality was the only way any control was established. I was a very bright student, but much of my talent went down the drain as the years passed by, because I suffered terrible emotional problems from the abuse.

For example, I ran away from home so many times I lost count after the 12th time. I became engaged with some very dangerous men, they sexual exploited me, and I became even more emotionally impaired. To this date I can't have any kind of sexual relationship with a man unless he is much older, because my mind has been so warped. It gets even better next. Then I married a man that way extremely older than myself, and the domestic violence is not even suitable to describe of what happened between us. Thank God I started waking up year's ago to this sick behavior, but I never gave up the belief that spanking was bad until this past year.

If, Mr. Jackson, really wants to help the future of youth I wish he would please study deeply, and research more into brutality and child abuse against children. I never thought I would change, but I have changed and view this behavior as something that is a crime against children. I know a lady who says, "Children behave as well as they are treated."

Mr. Jackson, please think about changing, and I hope you change your mind about spanking.

Kelly Wolfe

Battle Creek, Michigan