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Speakout 3/20

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Call 471-6636

Dear Mr. Jensen, This comment is aimed directly at you. Whether you will print it in SpeakOut or not, well that is left up to you. As long as you see this I will be happy. This is concerning your little editorial about putting people in jail for having trash in their yard. You said maybe this would make people move to another town. We all know what you are trying to say in your typical Sikestonian fashion, is that the trashy yards belong to poor people that are not on your level and don't need to be allowed the privilege of living in with you. So let's just harass them, arrest them and talk about them until we drive them out of your perfect town, your perfect little Stepford town, it seems. Enough is enough. I'm not saying people shouldn't keep their yards picked up, take pride in their community, but I have seen people in the richer part of town with code violations, which by the way I bet you don't go patrol on your little investigative trips. Why should somebody because of their financial status get by with breaking rules, while others get stepped on, pushed around or run out of town because of a handful of people such as yourself want to control a town and want to have the upper class live around? I can understand if there is a house rundown or a yard totally trashy getting a ticket if they have been given a warning. But I know for a fact the city has given a ticket for someone having a paint can and paintbrush on their carport. I think this is ridiculous. It would really be stupid to get sent to jail for having a soda can in your yard. And yes, I know of code enforcers sending letters to someone for having a soda can in their yard. I'm sure there are real crimes that they could be focusing on. In closing, I'd like to say if so much in Sikeston bothers you, why don't you move somewhere and create your own little perfect iron-rule town? Oh I know, how about somewhere in Russia.

I was calling about the lady who called my house the other day and is looking for a black cat. I have two black cats. If you are still interested, my number is 481-2084.

This call is for someone in Matthews, Mo. I would like to know where this Eastside Fellowship is. You say it's on 300 West Main Street in Matthews. That is a residence, someone lives there. There is no church there.

I'd like to speak out about Sikeston didn't charge me. But it looks like I was at the Sikeston Field House on Sikeston ground. The girl that took the money was from Sikeston. They charged $4 for my 2-year-old. He doesn't understand basketball. I'd like for him to experience it. As they throw the ball around, he likes it. He also sits in my lap. That's why I couldn't see paying that much. They could've used a little less. That $4 wouldn't have killed them.

Excuses, excuses, excuses. That's all we hear why the price of gas is going up. No, it's not the farm. It's nothing but a greedy president. If he would get off his high horse and get these troops back from Iraq and get everything back like it should be, everybody would be happy. We need a new president and gas will go down. He owns all these oil companies and that is why gas is so high.