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Fall clean-up begins next week

Monday, September 13, 2004

SIKESTON - The city of Sikeston's solid waste contractor, Sonny's Solid Waste, has announced the dates for the 2004 fall clean-up.

Monday and Thursday clean-ups will be Sept. 20 and 23; Tuesday and Friday pickups will be collected on Sept. 28 and Oct. 1.

All items are to be placed on the curb on cleanup days, if that is where trash is normally picked up from. All items are to be placed in the alley, if that is where the trash is normally placed.

No construction, contractor, commercial or business waste will be taken during this clean-up. Carpeting, drywall, paneling, wood flooring, cabinets, windows and sewer pipes are considered construction and will not be taken.

Each resident will have two chances in one week to dispose of bulky rubbish. All items must be close together in one area next to the curb or the alley. Residents are urged not to place items they don't want disposed of close to the rubbish or items may be taken by mistake. Sonny's Solid Waste, Inc. will not be held responsible for or replace any items taken if they are next to the curb or alley on pickup day.

All 55-gallon barrels to be thrown away must be completely empty due to the fact that they are too heavy to try to handle without possible injury.

All items will have to be placed on the curb or in the alley the night before pickup. There will be no return trips and no exceptions to this rule.

All items listed below are banned from landfills in Missouri and must be handled separately by Sonny's Solid Waste. As a result, this service will no longer be provided free and must be charged accordingly. The following items will be picked up and charged according to the prices listed:

Clothes washing machines, clothes drying machines, dish washing machines, hot water heaters, window air conditioners, gas or electric cook stove, bathroom commodes, kitchen or bathroom sinks, microwave ovens, household refrigerators and trash compactors: $10 per item.

Any appliances having a compressor cannot be picked up until the compressor is drained and removed. The compressor will be taken at no extra charge. No commercial appliances are included in the above prices.

Other special cost items are: Lead acid batteries, $1 per battery and used oil, $1 per gallon.

All used oil will need to be in a plastic or metal container completely sealed so as to avoid spillage. Addresses of all residents requesting used oil pick ups will be kept on file at all times to avoid any hazardous waste being put with the used oil. Absolutely no hazardous waste will be picked up. No less than five gallons per container or per pickup of used oil.

Any resident requesting a pickup of chargeable items will need to call Sonny's Solid Waste at 471-2869 before their scheduled pickup day to schedule this pickup. Payment will need to be made at the office before any special items will be taken. Do not pay the pickup men or driver for this service as all requests for special pickups must be done at the main office. There will be no exceptions to this.

Sonny's Solid Waste will not pick up any tires as they have been banned from all landfills in the state.

Also banned is all yard waste including: limbs, leaves, shrub trimmings, grass, Christmas trees and garden waste. Any resident needing to dispose of yard waste can contact Sonny's for information on disposal, or the City of Sikeston's compost plant.