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Speakout 2/5

Thursday, February 5, 2004

Michael, I read your article on the ordinance of the past in the paper and I wholeheartedly agree with you. I think the riffraff of this town should be shown to the edge of town and not to come back. That's the only way we're going to get rid of the riffraff is to make them leave town or pay a huge fine. Thanks for the article.

Oh, my. Another article on failing schools and failing teachers, but not one article addresses making our students more accountable. Perhaps if we reduce the check that so much of our students are receiving and/or tie this progress with this check, we would see parents and students more accountable and progress being made. I spent 31 years in public education and still work for a school. I witness that the teachers seem to work much harder than the students, using all kinds of "new teaching tools" to motivate our youngsters. As a student once told me, "Why worry about an education and job? Someone will help you."

I want to answer the remarks someone had in the paper about farmers and subsidies in the Jan. 25 Standard Democrat. There is a way to solve the problem. If you want to get even with the farmer, just quit eating and don't buy any more clothes. That will show them.

I am calling about "Welfare or not" about farmers. That was a great article. I went to the website and contacted them. I have a little piece of land that is 100x200 feet and was trying to see how much the government would pay me for not putting anything on my property. I got turned down. We got a laugh out of that one. Why do the farmers get paid for not putting anything on their land. How come they don't pay us when we own a little land? That's not fair. It may not be 100 acres, but it is an acre and we should be paid, just like the farmers.

My hat goes off to the person in New Madrid County who spoke out about farm subsidies. Keep up the good work. I have a question for any politician, Democrat or Republican. Why is it that the general public and a small businessman cannot get the same courtesy from our government that is made available to the farmers. Mainly: low interest rates or no interest; decreased fuel prices; get paid even if you don't produce; don't have to pay employment in; don't have to pay overtime; and on top of that you can run your 30-foot-wide or pull it up and down the road any time without a permit all across with trucks that would not even come close to passing inspections, while slinging mud and anything else all across the roads. If this were anyone else, we would be sitting on the side of the road getting tickets written out. If any politician can (in laymen's terms) tell me what the difference is. My insurance agency told me that anything that is farm related, they get a discount whether it's a 4-wheeler, a Corvette or what. As long as it's farm related, they get a discount.

Who was president when World War II started and when the Vietnam War started. I think they were Democrats. So why are they putting Bush down for this war? I heard a man on TV say that they should have started the war in 1998 when they did this and that over here. All Clinton did was grab his purse and went over there in Air Force One and took a lot of money. Why are they so mad at Bush? I know it's sad to see so many of our boys killed over there. How well I know. And I know how hard it is for families. I know because I went through it, but to put Bush down when he's trying to do what's right, at least he's a decent person. He isn't in there having sex with a woman in the White House and he's not using Air Force One for everything like Clinton did, hauling his friends and movie stars overseas at the government's expense. They keep putting Bush down. He's trying. He may make a lot of mistakes, but who doesn't?

Well, the Democratic candidates keep claiming how well they can fix things. They were in there eight years and if you look around, you can see how well they fixed things. Eight years and people wound up like we are now. It wasn't under Bush when all this happened. Hardworking people in Dexter and all around lost their jobs under Clinton when he was president. If Clinton had done what he should have done when the bombed New York the first time, and then when they killed those 17 Navy boys on that boat, we wouldn't have had all this overseas. I think they need to stop complaining about Bush. He may not be perfect, but he beats Clinton all to pieces. Laura is a lot nicer than Hillary, she's nicer-talking. It's just awful when they put him down. I saw on the news where they said the Democrats would like to elect the devil if he was running and if they thought he could beat Bush.

I would like to SpeakOut about a young lady who is a special needs child. She wears extra large clothing. If anyone would like to help, please call 667-9036.

I also have been in business for 25 years and some of the best people I have ever dealt with have been farmers and are my customers. I appreciate our farmers. I don't know what the writer's problem was, but my experience with farmers has been extremely good. I appreciate the farmers and their help in furnishing food for us.