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Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2016

Speakout 8/29

Sunday, August 29, 2004

To the person who is always writing in talking about Kerry and what all he stands for, Bush has been in there for four years and has had a Republican Congress. He didn't get rid of abortion. What do they think about that? And as far as driving with your headlights off at night if you're voting for Kerry, that idiot probably does drive that way.

Again and again Republicans are thinking about themselves and not the world around them, much less their neighbors. You Republicans are the ones I'm pointing a finger to. The question I have for you Republicans is this. Have you ever thought about your family or friends who have died in the past due to viruses, cancer or other diseases? I would put my money on it that they're rolling in their graves when you vote for Bush. I'm sure your loved ones would love to see a brighter future, whether it's with a Democrat or Republican in the next four years. But this next election has to be won, or at least bought out, by a Democrat. Kerry will carry us to a brighter future. And this time, when your people rebuttal, don't use a reference from the 700 Club. Use your own mind.

The new residents in the new Miner subdivision, our speed limit is 20 mph in residential areas, so stay off my bumper.

I would like to thank SpeakOut and the Standard Democrat for printing the calls I made, "Define criminal" and "About illegal drugs." I hope that sometime in the near future that, for Scott and New Madrid counties, all the problems with guns and drugs and the war on drugs in Sikeston and stuff that we have in our neighborhoods will be over. As far as marijuana being decriminalized, definitely, and people who use drugs could quit getting fined and paying out for it. They just cost all the time for drug charges. I think everyone in the community would be happier.