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Speakout 8/23

Monday, August 23, 2004

Someone said that Democrats are lazy and don't want to work. I worked for 20 years until I got emphysema and have to use a breathing machine. This is why I draw Social Security Disability. If I were able to work, I would work.

Ask a worker if they would rather have a 10 percent tip or no tip at all. I'll bet they would settle for 10 percent.

I was in a wedding recently and met a lady from Ontario, Canada. I asked her about the cheap drugs up there. She said, "Don't let anybody fool you. We can't get our medicine up there. It has to be ordered from Minneapolis or New York." She said the cheap drug deal is not what it's talked up to be. She said Canada imports its drugs from China, Pakistan, Africa, Korea and other places and she gets hers from the United States.

Well, another Jaycee Bootheel Rodeo has come and gone. Just another suggestion here. Granted, the rodeo itself brings a lot of people to the community and lots of people plan their vacations each year to visit our fine area just for this event, young and old. So, wouldn't it make more sense to bring entertainment for the young and old? This year's entertainment was geared each night for the young. The older fans are also in the community and spending money. Let's keep them happy too. Maybe a female entertainer at least one night; an up-and-coming exciting entertainer and maybe a familiar group for one night. And for us older rodeo fans, someone with a little past music under their belt, something we can all enjoy and know. Thanks again, Jaycees, for another great rodeo. Thanks to all the rodeo participants for all the hard work they do. And thanks to all the fans who brought a lot of revenue to our fine community.

I'm calling in reference to an editorial that ran this past week. Michael, you're wrong. You're more cruel than most.

About a week ago someone in SpeakOut was trying to help a little boy and girl with clothes. Please put your number back in SpeakOut because we have a lot of clothes for them.

The number is 667-9036.

Wow! What a great Redneck Barbecue. I think this was the best one ever! The entire crowd just seemed to be having a wonderful time. The people running the thing really put it together well. Everyone had a great time, respectful, a lot of fun. The little kid cookers were great. And weren't those Redneck Dogs great! But I'll tell you what, those Chamber people sure have a corn cob stuck up the wrong place. They need to loosen up and have fun with everybody else. But I'm telling you, the people working the crowd and working those cookers did a great job! Thank you, Sikeston. This was a great event. Keep it up, OK?

The Redneck Cook-off was wonderful with the entertainment they had. But I noticed there has been no recognition of the noble barbecue cookers. They worked so hard and gave a full meal away to everyone who was there. There should be a hospitality award and the noble barbecue cookers should get it.

I agree with the caller who talked about the Caterpillar Company. They treat their employees well. But the employees are greedy. The more they get, the more they want. That's why our jobs are going overseas. It's not the President. It's the unions.