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Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2016

SpeakOut 7/3

Thursday, July 3, 2003

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I was reading where someone had bought a monument and haven't gotten it yet. My sister purchased a monument for her husband and her daughter and they haven't put it up yet and it's been almost a year. I don't know what's happened out there.

I was reading in SpeakOut where someone said they ordered a monument back in January and it isn't here yet. A year ago, I bought one for my Mom, who is buried in a different cemetery. Her's was in place within two months.

The judges who voted for gay rights overstepped the people, as usual. Why do they not send this to a majority vote? I know why, because it would be voted down. Wake up, America. Gay people won't stop until they can marry. The people need to think about what we and our kids will see in public now. God, please have mercy on America.

The heads of the government of Sikeston need to sit down with the head men at Essex Wire and ask if there is anything they can do to help the industry stay here. I've heard a few comments about they're losing that plant because of union stuff. You better get in gear and accept a few unions. What if New Madrid would have said no to unions to that big aluminum plant down there when Warren Hearnes was governor. Where would we be? They have one of the best unions in the world. Unions are all right. It's the largest cities where they are really corrupt. The city needs to form an industrial committee to work with Mr. Green. Poplar Bluff is getting a new air conditioning plant in their city this year. If Poplar Bluff can do it, Sikeston, you can do it.

Two women were talking very loudly about where they work at. A woman talked about a woman who works in her office (obviously a doctor's office). She was talking about trying to get rid of this nurse because before there was a nurse who the doctor depended on. She told her friend she has gotten rid of several nurses since she's been there and this one will not be the first and she will not be the last. "I will get rid of her. The doctor will be totally dependent on me, therefore, I will have job security." I was very appalled at that because I just finished school and I work in a hospital lab. If this is what goes on in a doctor's office I will never work in one. I am very content and happy to be working in a lab. As a medical professional, I was totally upset about what I heard. There is no way she should ever do that to someone. If this woman wants to become a nurse, then she should go to school to be one. She should not take it out on someone else because she wants job security. If she is that insecure in her job, maybe she should find someone else. God bless you, honey, whoever you are, whoever the nurse is who works at the doctor's office, because you need all the prayers you can get and I will say one for you every night. Good luck, honey. You might want to look at the hospitals or nursing homes because nurses are appreciated there.