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Your view: A Miner matter

Monday, May 3, 2004

To the people who want to put the city of Miner in a negative picture, please pull the plank out of your own eye. Then you may see things better. Use common horse sense, inquire about matters you know nothing about. Then your view will look much better if you're open minded.

The city of Miner is very similar to other towns. There are problems, but they are solvable when the city of Miner's interest is put above, and first, before any employees or elected official's personal interest. Our employees are very dedicated and hard workers. They know their responsibilities and need only to be allowed to perform them. I believe with this latest election this will be allowed to happen under the watchful eye of the new mayor. The employees will willingly work with him. He will give direction when needed and allow the correct staff members to augment the work details for which they are responsible.

Miner and Sikeston do work together when needed for the benefit of both towns. However, due to past incidents, merging is not an option. This is the citizens' choice, also that of the city of Miner elected officials.

As far as Miner needing the Sikeston name, it doesn't and would prefer not to have to use it. We prefer to stand on our own name, but because of being politically blocked from obtaining our own post office (many times), we have been forced to use the same Zip Code as Sikeston. There are many smaller towns within the area and very close to Sikeston's service ability that have been allowed to have a post office. This request has been blocked many times by political influence, and where does the political influence come from? Make no mistake, Miner is well known, even though compelled to use the same Zip Code as Sikeston.

We will continue to work with Sikeston, just as we will continue and will get, one day, our own post office.

Name withheld by request