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Your view: Facts on Iraq

Friday, February 27, 2004

The lie being perpetrated by Democrat smear campaign groups like moveon.org think they can slander George Bush out of his constitutionally elected office of President. But they will fail. Too many of us know the truth. And all of George Soros' money will not make us believe the lies they are spreading. I can't wait until November so I and millions upon millions more like me can vote for George Bush and defeat two-faced lying, slandering, shameful Democrats who think they can play us for fools. The Washington Times has reported, and it can be verified by any honest journalist, that Iraq possessed stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons; it was reconstituting its nuclear-bomb research; it was producing missiles beyond the range allowed by UN resolutions; and its research continued into chemical and biological agents.

President Bush was right. George Bush did not use the words "imminent threat" regarding Iraq as the lying, deceitful Democrats charge. He called them a "gathering danger" to our National Security. The facts are being revealed in Iraq of Al Qaida's connection daily. It will become more and more clear by Bush acting before the aspirations of a conspiring Al Qaida and Saddam to bring "Death to America" became a reality by another devastating attack was a wise, courageous, and American life-saving thing to do.

The fact that the so-called "Big Three" TV news networks will not even mention these verifiable facts in the face of the Democrat smear campaign being reported as news, proves they are nothing more than free propaganda organs totally devoted to the Democrat Party. If you think the majority of sane working American voters will ever trust a lying two-faced Democrat like John Kerry with our national security, you have another think coming in November.

President Bush did not mislead the American people or Congress. He did not force us into a war with Iraq. Saddam Hussein did. President Bush did the right thing for America. God Bless him, and may God bless America.

John McMillen