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Use debate to point out Kerry's stances

Wednesday, October 6, 2004

When the second debate rolls around Friday, the two Presidential candidates will find themselves in St. Louis in a town hall format, whatever that means. I believe the questions will come from audience members funneled through the moderator, etc.

Since most reasonable-thinking folk - including myself if I indeed fit into that category - believe W. clearly erred during the first debate, perhaps this forum will offer an opportunity for some clarification. So here is some unsolicited advice for the President in this week's match-up.

Re: Last minute debate advice

Since the topic is domestic issues, try asking Sen. Kerry why his 22 years in the Senate were less than remarkable. If Sen. Kerry believes that the health care system, Social Security and a whole host of social issues are in jeopardy, I'd be interested in hearing why he has made no effort in the past two decades to offer a change.

You see, Mr. President, you've given Sen. Kerry a free pass thus far. You've allowed others to carry the water for you and it's time that changed. I think the nation wants to hear why Sen. Kerry holds the distinction of being the most liberal member of the United States Senate. His position on virtually every single domestic issue is far out of touch with the majority thinking in this nation. But the national media won't get into that and it falls to others to bring these points to the discussion. Now is the time for you, Mr. President, to grill this "war hero" from Massachusetts and bring some sweat to his elongated brow.

If Sen. Kerry is strong on defense, why has he tried to gut the very weapons systems that are in use now in Iraq? His record is vulnerable but not unless you point to his flaws.

Sen. Kerry will want to talk about your tax cuts, Mr. President. Well by God, let him talk away. Tell those struggling parents that you are responsible for increasing the child tax credit, not the good Senator from the East. Tell them that you ended the asinine marriage penalty. And tell the American public just how many people benefited from your tax cuts.

When Sen. Kerry talks about the richest one percent, explain to him that those people carry the tax burden for millions of non-taxpaying Americans and those cuts were plowed back into the economy. And that money went back into the economy in the form of jobs and purchases, not lottery tickets and cheap beer.

Ask Sen. Kerry where he stands on abortion, where he stands on prayer in public places, where he stands on gun control. Good gosh, Mr. President, shine the light on your opponent and the election will be over come Friday evening.

And one final word. Say something nice about the Cardinals. Remember, you're in St. Louis.

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