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Speakout 10/7

Thursday, October 7, 2004

I wrote into SpeakOut and titled my comment "The War in Iraq" or "Overtime Rule," which was the topic I had on the paper. It wasn't published and I would like to know why. Can you publish it? All the Republicans get their comments into SpeakOut, why can't the Democrats? I don't see anything wrong with it and I would appreciate it if you would publish it.

All SpeakOut comments, whether called in or written, are submitted for review. When did you send your article in? Since SpeakOut comments are anonymous, they are not kept. Once they are transcribed, whether they are published or not, they are destroyed. We have received several comments about the war in Iraq as well as the overtime issue, however not all items that had the same content were printed. You are welcome to resubmit your view.

I would like to say thanks to the mother who lost her son and was on television. We need a lot more people like her in this world. She gave her son for freedom for everyone in the United States and she was wishing for the best for everyone. Everybody should write to her and thank her for what she has given so the rest of us can be free.

Fact is...

In response to the caller who voiced concerns over Central Park, here's the scoop. First of 1all, the city is not removing the park. The Park Division is removing the old tennis courts which were in a serious state of disrepair and had become a neighborhood eyesore. With the construction of the new lighted tennis courts at the high school and the lighted courts at the Complex, there appears to be more than enough tennis courts to meet the public's needs. Staff has discussed several options for something to replace the tennis courts in Central Park, including additional playground equipment, a skate park or a basketball court. As a result of citizen input to the City Council, a basketball court at an estimated cost of $10,000 was put in the Park Division's capital improvement 5-year plan in May. For the time being, the area occupied by the old tennis courts will be restored to lawn until the basketball court is funded in the capital improvement budget. Yes, taxpayer dollars are being expended for the removal of the courts, but that expense will not come close to covering the cost of the basketball court or a skate park. Because of the condition of the old courts, it is necessary to remove them before other improvements can be made. For more information, contact Director of Parks and Recreation Jiggs Moore at 471-6070.

I have a dilemma and don't know what to do. My home is in my name only and was purchased when my first husband and I were married (he is now deceased). I have since remarried, however, divorce proceedings are currently under way. As along as we are married, I am not legally permitted to keep this man out of my home. If he breaks into the home, physically harms me or if there are witnesses to verbal or other abuse, then I can get an ex parte order to keep him off my property. My attorney said I can't do anything until the divorce is final. Anyone who owns property and is planning to marry, be sure to have your property secured before you marry so this doesn't happen to you.

Mothers and fathers should raise their children. It is their responsibility, not the grandparent's.