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Speakout 3/21

Sunday, March 21, 2004

A special thank you to Hanna Jester, 16-year-old student at Risco, who wrote a letter to the Standard Democrat about morality and homosexual marriages. Homosexuality has consumed our society. Hannah, I don't know you, but you must be a wise and special person. I'm sure your parents are proud of you. Don't ever change your views on this subject. May God bless you. We need more teens like you.

No one has ever said the baby boomers won't get Social Security or Medicare. Know your facts before you criticize, please.

Isn't illegal or at least unethical for a school board member to assist a struggling teacher or coach? Are the other employees not afforded the same luxury?

It looks like the LCRA is facilitating a super land-grab in this community. What's the real story behind it? Nobody believes it is to improve the appearance of this community.

You're wrong. Some of us do believe the LCRA purpose is exactly as stated.

President Bush is campaigning on the fact that we are better off without the sense of war in Iraq. According to today's paper, there are eight countries saying that we are worse off for terrorism than we were before and they are Britain, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Mexico, Spain and the United States. That was in the Standard Democrat, so if you don't believe me, get a paper or talk to your main man, Michael Jensen.

The March 4 Associated Press story was the result of an AP poll conducted in the countries you named. People in this country were evenly divided on whether the war has increased or decreased the terror threat. "While a majority in each of the countries polled except the United States said the terrorism threat was greater now, fewer than one in 10 in any of the European countries said the terror threat had been decreased by the war." Some countries said it is worse and others said the threat has decreased.

To the person who was talking about a son who has a tick and jerks. That child deserves SSI and more. If people only knew what a child has to go through with that kind of problem. Maybe they need to walk in that child's shoes one time. My family has been there and done that. May God bless you, honey.

I see where Ted Kennedy wants to marry John Kerry. I guess that would be permissible in Massachusetts. I don't know if Kerry's wife would appreciate it, but it might be all right.

To the person who called in about "The Book says not OK" about homosexual marriages, I just want to say amen, amen, amen! Thank you for calling in and quoting exactly what I was thinking.

We have a beautiful museum here at the Depot in Sikeston. We have a permanent display and changing art show monthly. Come see, we're free.

The Department of Public Safety did put signs up all over town about the noise ordinance. They have done some good but over here in the west end it's still a problem. We call the police, they respond and everyone quits until they leave and then it starts right back up. We don't know what the answer is but I'll bet in time Chief Juden will get it solved. He has done a terrific job with other problems over here, so you guys who are ignoring the signs, you will pay in time because Chief won't allow it to go on much longer. All he needs is a few more dedicated officers who want the problems solved.