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SpeakOut 7/2

Wednesday, July 2, 2003

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Sikeston's DPS director recommended that the resients of Sikeston go outside the city to shoot their fireworks. Is this the way he takes of a problem? We live outside the city and we don't appreciate his solution. Does he realize that we are permitted to shoot skunks?

In response to the person complaining about Mr. Jensen criticizing Gov. Bob Holden, evidently it must be somebody rich. Otherwise he hasn't benefited from some of the cuts Mr. Holden has made for the poor people.

It is so sad when mothers get in the middle of their children's fights. If the grownups would stay out of it, the kids would have words one day and be playing together the next. But when mama steps in, it starts an unnecessary fight for everyone and the child is left alone, with no friends, all because of big, bad mama.

My wife and like to go to a restaurant on North Main Street in Sikeston and eat breakfast on Saturday morning. There are four or five men sitting around there drinking coffee, talking loud, talking vulgar, talking nasty. It doesn't make for a very good dining environment. If it was my restaurant, I'd run them out and tell them to stay out because they're not going to buy anything anyway. I guess we'll have to go somewhere else to eat.

The "Welcome to Sikeston" sign on Highway 60 West is covered up by weeds.