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SpeakOut 7/1

Tuesday, July 1, 2003

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I would like to thank the young man at the drive-through at Taco John's. He is so friendly and courteous and mannerly. I wish other young people had this attitude when they are working. You do a great job, have a great personality and are definitely meant to work in the public.

I read in SpeakOut where someone said Sikeston and Miner should buy up little towns like Matthews and Morehouse, that they are really bad-run and bigger towns could straighten them out. Has this person ever lived in Miner or Sikeston? I have lived in both towns. Sikeston is for the rich and if you can't sit down because your pocketbook is too fat, then you don't need to be there. As for Miner, it is a pretty little town but the people in office don't know anything about running a town. Again, it goes for who you know and how fat your wallet is. Miner raises the water and trash fees all the time. They claim they are short of money. Do the people of Miner know why? Drive around and count the stop signs. They are put in really stupid spots. Miner has used taxpayer money again to put up more signs. They read, "Handicapped children playing in the neighborhood." If there were handicapped children in that neighborhood, that would have been great. But there are no handicapped children living in that neighborhood; there is only one grown woman who visits, but she lives out of town and she is too big to be out playing in the street. So the question is, why is Miner buying up signs when they could be using that money for the betterment of Miner and quit complaining. Miner is a monkey-see, monkey-do town. If you don't do things like they want you to, then you will always be on the outside trying to look on the inside. Do you want your little town to be like Miner and Sikeston? Think about it.

Touche, Mr. Jensen. I really liked your comeback line to the caller who called in about being tired of reading criticisms about Governor Holden. I liked your come-back line. I had a great laugh.

I live in a rural area south of Miner on N.M.C.Road 807 and have lost 4 mailboxes to vandals since moving to this area. Last Wednesday night June 25th, the vandals were active again. I lost my 5th mailbox and a street sign.The remaining street signs along 807 were also broken off and stolen. Evidence indicates the vandals had been at Rhodes prior to their 807 activities and were probably driving a pickup truck which received slight damage to the right front or right rear. If interested parties (parents, siblings or friends) do a little investigation, they may find one of the following Green street signs on the wall of a bedroom. PURPLE SAGE, STANLEY, GLAUS, E. REDWING, W. REDWING, HARLENE, PAUL, RAVEN, JOHNSON and a couple of others which I cant remember. I would suggest they call New Madrid County Sheriff's office, Standard Democrat or Sikeston Public Safety if you have any information. Please withhold my name or any identifying information. I don't wish to lose a 6th mailbox.