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Speakout 11/8

Tuesday, November 8, 2005

I'm calling about the Cotton Carnival. Someone said it would be nice for it to be downtown again. Well, from the past we learned that it would just cause a lot of problems. I'm against the Cotton Carnival being downtown again. Have you forgotten?

I agree that the parents of the little girl in Scott City should be held partly accountable, yet there is no reason for the railroad not to have done something to separate the community and the children from an obvious hazard. How many millions of dollars has the railroad made from inconviencing the people of Scott City for the last 100 years? Why in hell was there not a fence in the first place? As always, the railroad will claim it's not their fault. And in one way it was not. But yet, in one way it was. The railroad has to accept some of the responsibility.

I would like to know why is the court system so hard on someone caught with crack and not marijuana? They are both drugs and they are both illegal. How can people get away with just a fine with being caught with marijuana? I think they should be charged just the same as someone being caught with drugs. I mean, they're all crimes and they're all bad on the streets. The kids get this stuff in their hands too easy and there needs to be something done. Somebody needs to do something. They should be charged the same with marijuana as crack cocaine. Thank you for letting me speakout.

DPS I congratulate you on the cameras. That's the best thing you have ever done. And I just ask that you put more up and continue to watch everybody on the west end and the east end.