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Speakout 10/13

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

To the person who rear-ended my car, got out and looked at it and then drove off, you might as well just come on to the police department and take your punishment because now they have you for the crime of leaving the scene of an accident. You should have stayed there. This happened at about 15 minutes before 5 p.m. Oct. 1 by McDonald's. You know who you are. Six people got your license plate number, the cops have your license plate number and you would be best to go to the police department. If you don't, I will press charges on you. If you come forward, there will be less punishment on you; if you don't, the police will find you. They already know who you are and that you drove a dark blue Ford Ranger with a camper and Illinois license plate. By the way, my wife did get injured in the accident. This driver needs to see the black and blue marks on her from the accident. In line with your request for SpeakOut to help, we would suggest you follow through with a police report and contact your insurance agent for further instructions.

I was at a Sikeston store with my special needs child and grandson. We are regular customers at the store and spent about $300. We were stopped, one by one and the elderly women who work there searched our stuff. I was so embarrassed. I was worried some of my friends or my pastor would see this going on. It really upset me and I didn't know how to take this. I don't know if I'll even ever go back to that store again. I couldn't believe they would do that to us. If I do and they try to do this again, they will not search me without the police present. I will never let you embarrass me or my family again. I am a Christian, I go to church and I don't have to steal.

SpeakOut can't name the store where you had such a bad experience, but you should call and speak to the store's manager. The number is in the phone book.

Since Kerry got his manicure and a tan, he sure likes to point those fingers and shake them around. No wonder Bush didn't do any good at the first debate. He didn't get a manicure and tan and then shake his fingers. If Kerry gets elected, you can figure it will be like when Truman was elected. Truman said if he was elected there would never be another American boy to set his foot on foreign soil. Just as quickly as he took office, they couldn't get enough ships to carry them over there. That's the same with Kerry. He will do everything he says he won't do because you can tell by how he lies.

To anybody who watched the debate between Kerry and Bush, it looked like Kerry caught Bush in a bunch of lies and messed up a lot. I believe Kerry will be the next president; I sure hope so.

If they didn't have any weapons or anything over there in Iraq, it's funny to me that they have had so much stuff to do, all that bombing and killing people over there since this war started. They had them hidden and still have them. No wonder they wanted the inspectors to stay around longer and look around, they were hiding them. If they didn't have anything, how did they get the stuff to fight with all this long since the war started? I sure hope Kerry doesn't get elected because he would be just like he was about throwing his medals and all that. He'd tell everything (whether it was so or not) on the soldier boys who were fighting to defend us.

John Kerry supporters, you need to get your heads out of the sand, wipe your eyes clean and look at the facts. Saddam Hussein and his sons are out of power. Documents have been found which show ties between Hussein and terrorist groups including al-Qaida. No gas has been found in artillery shelves. Will the mainstream media report it? No. They want Kerry to win. Just because France and Germany refuse to support the war in Iraq and be a part of the coalition doesn't mean Bush doesn't have a coalition. The Republican Party is not disenfranchising blacks to vote in battlefield states. Bush is not trying to take overtime pay away from workers. There are no plans for a draft. Quit listening to the lies, distortions, half-truths and propaganda of the Democratic Party. That party only wants to divide, not unite. Unemployment is down, home ownership is up. I am a middle class blue-collar worker who is pro-life and pro-marriage and I am voting for George W. Bush for president and Matt Blunt for governor. I live in Bloomfield.

I live in Sikeston, am disabled and my husband is deceased. I get Social Security benefits and keep hearing that our Social Security benefits are going to be cut. I also hear that Medicare is putting a $500 per year deductible on its services. There is no way an ordinary average person can live on the amount of money I get. If our health care benefits cut, I will have none next year. How are people supposed to live on this? How can anyone vote for an administration that has done this to our country? Jobs have been overseas. The companies who have been allowed to do this don't care about people in the United States. All George Bush thinks about is taking care of the rich people and letting the poor starve. I am a Democrat and have been all my life. I have voted Republican in the past but I will never vote for George W. Bush because I don't think he is qualified to be president. I don't think he cares for the ordinary people.

I have been reading in SpeakOut where people are blaming the Democrats for the partial-birth abortion and same sex marriages. George Bush has been in there for four years, had a Republican Congress behind him and has done nothing to stop it. What Dan Rather did wasn't nearly as bad as what George Bush did when he said there were records of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq when he knew they didn't have them. He just wanted this war. He isn't any better than someone who is running for dog catcher.

I wouldn't trust George Bush alone to give power to any foreign nation. I wouldn't trust any foreign nation to command American troops, including the ayatollah guy. However, I do trust Bush, surrounded by his people, his cabinet, legendary advisers. They are helping Bush in this war so it isn't Bush's decision alone to give power of the troops to foreign people over our troops. I personally don't believe that is happening. I guess I should watch the news a little closer. I don't understand how it is all right to bash on Bush for decisions that are made, knowing that in his heart, whether his decisions are right or wrong, he is trying to do the right thing. He is learning from his mistakes.

I am calling about rental and leased properties. What's up with all the rental and leased properties where everybody is moving out? Why are we building new property for Walgreens when we can't even fill in the rental buildings we have now?

People are making large promises of getting new jobs here if they get into office. When are we going to start seeing jobs in this town? Jobs are slowly disappearing. We need jobs here.