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Speakout 9/30

Thursday, September 30, 2004

I have a suggestion/request for my favorite hometown newspaper. How about having some new writers contribute to the "opinions" section? You know, the editorials. I am not suggesting relieving Jensen altogether, he can still write. It would be so much more interesting to see other opinions also. No offense, but you name a topic and anyone who reads the opinions can predict Jensen's position. Jensen is good, but he has become a bit predictable and bland. Some new blood will do everyone some good. Some people would consider SpeakOut, Letters to the Editor and the various columnists who appear daily in the newspaper as differing viewpoints. We included yours didn't we?

I have been reading the SpeakOut section for several months now. I am absolutely appalled by some of the most ridiculous responses I've ever heard! A few days ago somebody blamed Jeb Bush for the rash of Hurricanes in Florida! They said God was punishing Florida for the election of 2000, in which George Bush won. What about the people of Haiti, Dominican Republic, Cayman Islands, Jamaica and others? There have been thousands who have died there. Is God also punishing them for our election? Why can't Democrats understand that this is still a free country and they can actually switch and vote for another man. Just because you say you're a Democrat shouldn't cloud your mind. You should look closely and vote for the man that is right for this time, not just because he is a Democrat or Republican. Then, again today, somebody has made a reference to George Bush visiting Poplar Bluff. They stated that when Bill Clinton came to the area several years ago they were also filled with pride. What a joke! Just look at what Clinton did in the White House, lied about it to the American people, was impeached; and still you hard-core Democrats would prefer Clinton or Kerry over Bush. You sound like the same kind of people as Dan Rather, or Michael Moore, who would vote for Saddam Hussein if he was a Democrat. Somehow, a lot of Democrats have the mentality that they can only vote for a Democrat candidate. That's why we have the two party system, so you can choose. Over the years I have voted both ways many times. Just take an honest look at both men and what they represent. Then decide. Trust me, nobody will arrest you if you vote for George Bush. Remember, it's a private voting booth! Thanks for allowing me to vent my frustration.