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Speakout 6/29

Sunday, June 29, 2003

In support of Mr. Jensen's June 20 editorial about the death row inmate in Oregon who needs a transplant or dialysis, I would suggest the tax-strapped taxpayers of Oregon tell him he can have all the appeals he wants for 10 dialysis treatments or a kidney transplant. Let him do the math.

I'm just wondering. The man who chews up nuts and spits them out on the Cardinal team, what's his job?

Bush is trying to get rid of old people. His Medicare and Prescription Drug Bill going to private business proves it. Watch all the money for his hair-brained ideas like going into Iraq, which was a stupid idea. Hussein wasn't the only dictator in the world and he wasn't bothering us. Now all the Mid-East is mad at us and terrorists are possible for 50 years.

There is one person in our family who blames everyone else, especially one person. They say he was the fault on everything. If that person would only own up and accept responsibility for their own actions about what happened, everything would be just fine if they would only tell the truth.

If someone who lives on the west side of town has a medical emergency and medical personnel can't get through because of the train, how is that person supposed to receive medical attention? If not, is it possible that the city could be sued?

This is to the person who called about a dog being abused. This person made the wrong call. They should have called the police. Any dog that is abused, left without food, water or shelter, needs to be reported.

Confidential reports can be made to the Sikeston Department of Public Safety at 471-4711.

We all need a little peace in our lives. I would like to hear the local bells at the local cemetery. I don't know what's happened to them. I haven't heard them in a year or more.

When did it become legal to beat people up in public? I have been having people tell my 10-year-old and 6-year-old boys that it is OK to beat people up in public and you don't go to jail or have any consequences from that. Please look that up for me and print something on it.

We called Department of Public Safety Director Drew Juden with your question. "Obviously this is not legal, never has been legal and hopefully will never be legal. You can't physically attack, punch or touch another person and if this occurring you need to contact your local police department."

The Little Theatre children's production was absolutely wonderful. If you didn't get a chance to see it, you really missed it! The kids did an awesome job. Very, very few times they messed up and if they did, they just went right through it. They were very enthusiastic and so excited. They were a wonderful group of kids and whoever was leading them did an awesome job.

I am calling about Garden of Memories Cemetery. My sister died on Jan. 13 and the family paid for a monument for her grave the day she died and it has not come in yet. Has anybody else been having the same problem we're having?