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SpeakOut 6/27

Friday, June 27, 2003

Call 471-6636

This is to address the homeowners in a subdivision in Sikeston. I understand there was a homeowner's meeting last night, but I couldn't attend because I had to work. To the people who want to run me down, I think you need to clean your own doorstep off before you clean mine. It's my business who comes into my house and who goes out. You don't have to pay for anything. If you want to get some business, you better get some business of your own and stay out of mine.

As a citizen of Sikeston, I'm tired of reading in the Standard Democrat about the little bit in taxes you have to pay in Sikeston. Sikeston is a nice little town and nobody is being charged too much - in fact, they're being charged too little. We've got a good mayor and staff now in this town, and let's let them set what needs to be done as far as how much more taxes there needs to be, and then let's pay it. If there are poor people who can't pay it, OK. That's all right. But let's do something in the right way and not worry about the little more in taxes we might have to pay.

There is a store downtown that has some nude mannequins in the window and it also has odd parts and arms and legs, limbs, in the window. Do you suppose anybody who cares could get those things out of the window? It is disgusting to walk by Front Street or Center Street and see nude mannequins in the window. They have a white sheet, they could put them behind there or burn them. They are old and need to be destroyed.

People who buy sandwiches in Sikeston need to count their change when they buy a sandwich at a certain shop in town. The woman who runs it does not ring up the correct amount and gives the wrong change. She has a bad attitude when you show her the correct amount to be charged, so be sure to count your change.

I have a hospital bed that I would be glad to give to someone who needs it for free. Call me at 472-1637.

It's June 20. I get my paper by mail but still have not received the paper that had all the high school graduates in it (not just Sikeston, but all the graduates). I would like to see all the pictures.

Call 471-4141 and leave your name and address so we can send a copy of the May 23 Standard Democrat to you.