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SpeakOut 6/26

Thursday, June 26, 2003

Call 471-6636

I am from the Sikeston area and I noticed that the Malone Avenue Grill, by Bo's Pit Bar-B-Q in Sikeston, is having an open mike night on June 28. Any local talent who is good enough to perform in public, please show up. We'd love to have you.

We have found a driver's license for a Scott Lynn Sisk. Call 472-9520 and you can pick it up. It has two children's pictures in it.

I love your paper. To the person who talked about Hillary and Bill Clinton, I think she is a nice person and real talented. I hope she comes out for president. She beats the one we've got. He gallops all over the country and does nothing but get our boys killed. I wouldn't vote for him for a dog catcher. Go, Clintons! My kind of people.

I am a longtime resident of Morehouse. I remember when I was growing up in this town, there wasn't anything for the children to do. We have a very nice park now for the kids. It has nice playground equipment and a basketball goal. This afternoon, my sister, my 3-year-old great-niece and I went for a walk. My niece wanted to play in the park. We walked around the fence and every gate was chained and padlocked. It wasn't even 7 p.m. yet. The cop was coming out of the police station. I asked him why we couldn't get into the park. He didn't have a clue. My little niece went up to him and asked, "Could you open the gate so I can swing?" I feel my tax money helped to pay for this park and we can't even use it. I will be voicing my opinion to my councilman. We weren't the only ones there to use it today. Morehouse officials, who does this park belong to, anyway?

If the state and federal government is going to pick up the tab for damages to your property, why pay insurance premiums? Does anybody have an answer?

I read an article in the paper about the book for Hillary Clinton. The President had all the affairs he wanted, but that's his business, none of ours. It's nobody's business but his. I would vote for Hillary or Bill in a minute. They would be a hell of a lot better than the liar and cheater we have in office now. Everybody has an opinion and this is mine. I think they did a great job while in office. I care nothing about their personal lives, but when it comes to lying and cheating like Bush, that is something I can't stand. Get him out of office in 2004.