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SpeakOut 2/29

Friday, February 29, 2008

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Considering the almost daily crimes of rage, one can't help but see causes in the breakdown of communities, the absence of life supporting jobs, too large and impersonal schools, American religious fanaticism and racial and religious prejudice and intolerance. And last but not least, excessive widespread dispensing of mood altering antidepressant drugs with known connections to suicidal and homicidal behavior. So let's keep on letting the drugged-up military bully and control our civilian society and torture people through military active and retired personnel. Let's keep on letting the drug companies sedate and experiment on our own people for their profit. Let's continue letting the business community own our government and rob us blind and steal our resources for their own personal pockets. There soon won't be a country, only a huge concentration camp of fools.

This is in response to the person in the Feb. 13 SpeakOut who mentioned that the House of Representatives used no Bible in the swearing-in process. They mentioned that Keith Ellison swore in on the Koran and they said it's original owner was Thomas Jefferson. Well maybe they need to check why Thomas Jefferson had a Koran in the first place. It wasn't because he thought the Muslim people were so peaceful and their wisdom had so much wisdom. Keith Ellison said that he chose to use Jefferson's Koran because it showed that a visionary like Jefferson believed that wisdom could be gleaned from many sources. There's no doubt Ellison was right about Jefferson believing wisdom could be gleaned from the book of Koran. At the time Jefferson owned the book he needed to know everything possible about Muslims because he was about to advocate war against the Islamic boundary states. Ellison using Jefferson's Koran was a once well known subject of the history of the United States, but which today is mostly forgotten. You need to understand that the Muslim religion is not a peaceful religion.

Kelly High School will sure miss Mike Riley on the school board. He was one of the only ones who stood up for what is right, not what was in the best interest for himself. He will be missed, but not forgotten.

This is to my daughter in Sikeston. For 10 years I raised my little grandson, he's 13 years old. He was a baby once. I was there to pick him up and dry his tears. I loved him and still do. While you were out, daughter, partying all night I was loving him and holding him close and drying his tears again and again. When you had all your new men and affairs in your life, I was once again there to love and help him. You had your own life to live and each affair my grandson suffered. You pushed him aside. It takes more than blood to be a mother. You've taken him away from me after all these years. There's nothing I can do but remember, he will always remember the woman that was there for him. My tears are drying, but yours will flow one of these days. This little boy meant a lot to me and you've broken my heart. You are acting like I have done something wrong. It's not me, it's you. You need to search your heart because you need help. I know that he would call me, but you won't let him. When his daddy died, I held him close. And where were you? Once again, you were out. I'm going on with my life. Just be good to this young man, my son. He's my son.

I thought it was funny the comments in SpeakOut about people not being able to find jobs and athletes turning to drugs or leaving the area because there's no jobs. This is the United States of America. If you do not have a job it is because you do not want one.

I know students in Missouri are required to be in school a certain number of days. To the best of my knowledge, that is 180. However, on the days that they dismiss early, Sikeston Public Schools receive credit for the whole day. Yet students have lost three to three and a half hours of classroom time. That is lost learning. The new Missouri law that came into effect for the 2008-

2009 school year states that you cannot start school for at least 10 days prior to Labor Day. I guess you found the loophole you were looking for. I see you will be starting classes Aug. 13. What is so wrong with starting the 2008-

2009 school year Aug. 18? To me as a parent, that makes a lot more sense. If you want the last day of school to be May 21, it could still be done, just shorten some of this time off during the school year. You know, jobs are hard to find, understanding bosses even harder. These one-half days cause a hardship on some of us parents who also work for a living. All I want is a good education for my kids and they can't get that if they are not in school.

This is to the person that keeps bashing Clinton. Clinton is the only president to ever balance the budget. It wasn't near as high as it is now. Yes, he told lies on a personal matter. Bush has made Clinton look like an angel. He has lied from the time he got in, every time he opened his mouth it was nothing but lies. His daughter is an alcoholic, his brother's daughter is a drug addict. And you tell me you can blame Clinton for everything? Take a look around. Obama seems like he's a nice man, but he seems like he's going to be too soft. He wants to sit down and talk to Iran to see what it would take for them to keep from attacking us. That makes me wonder what he would promise them. We want a president that cares about the people. Do some reading about Clinton. He may have told a personal lie, but that's all. He did a good job being president. He helped this country a lot.

You listed a website for political calls. I do not have a computer. Is there a number I can call.

The Web site does not list a phone number and requests that emails be used to register. You may be able to get more information by writing them at: Stop Political Calls, 2019 Q Street, NW, Washington, DC 20009.