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SpeakOut 10/02

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

If SpeakOut is designed to represent everyone's opinions, then let it do just that. Stop being biased on whose comments are heard, or stop printing SpeakOut at all. I will be surprised if this is printed. But once read, you will know that I represent the many subscribers that have taken time to give their views, yet the Standard Democrat chose to deny them of the first amendment - freedom of speech.

I want to correct something that was in SpeakOut. I did not say 300 million Muslims were living here in the United States, I said three million Muslims. There is enough over here that if they want to blow the World Trade Center or anything up, they can do it anytime they want to. We're letting them come in and don't say anything to them. As far as Bush is concerned, one of these days we are going to wake up and not have a home or house or medicine. Bush will be out of office and then they'll blame it on the Democrats.

This is to the person that wrote Rocking the boat. I agree with everything you say in your comment. If you want to go to a church that teaches what you believe, call 471-5186.

I was just reading Rocking the boat in SpeakOut where all the preachers were going to hell because they weren't preaching what the Bible taught. I'd like to invite you to my church, The Fellowship Baptist Church on Ables Road. We have a pastor that preaches fire and brimstone basically. He lets you know that if you sin, you go to hell. He preaches about the cross. He preaches that the Holy Spirit is real. I believe you would enjoy it. He is a man of God. He was called, he wasn't driven. He is a man of God, the kind we need in this day and time. He's a good preacher. We invite you to attend and enjoy.

I understand and have heard history repeats itself. I see that the 80s are coming back as far as fashion, trends and styles. That's okay. I am an older person. I went through that 80s stage and that's fine. Do we really have to carry it as far as to put the bras back on cars? Come on, the 80s and the fashion clothing style, but when it comes back to putting bras on your car, I think that's carrying the 80s fashion a little too far. I thought I would express my opinion on that behalf.