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SpeakOut 9/27

Thursday, September 27, 2007

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Mike Shain had it on the news this afternoon about some men not washing their hands when they leave the bathroom. That's just as bad as some of these old guys who only take a bath once a week, if not any at all. They don't change their clothes very often, neither.

Mike Marshall is absolutely right! As anybody that lives in Sikeston and drives to Paducah or the lake knows, the old bridge going to Wickliffe is old and dangerous. It's time for Missouri to build a new bridge to Wickliffe. That way when Sikeston folks want to go to Paducah or the lake, it will be a lot easier for us.

This is for the lady that has been married to the illegal alien for eight years and has seven children. You are not able to work but you have had those babies so close together, and he is not working. That is the complaint that our U.S. citizens have. You come over here and collect food and stuff for your babies. You are not paying taxes. We've had to pay taxes all of our lives. Even after we've retired, they take taxes from our Social Security. I think if he wants to be a man and raise his children like a father should, he should take you and those seven children and go back to Mexico. I'm sure he could find work there and feed those babies and hold his head high. There must be a lot of work over there because most of our companies have sent most of the work back over there. Let him go back to Mexico and get a job and take care of you and your babies. If you love him, you will insist on him doing this.

In answer to the woman who said she was married to an illegal and he should be made legal. Illegals have no rights in these United States. He should be deported. He is a criminal and she is aiding and abetting, regardless of how long they have been married. She is a very foolish woman and certainly not a U.S. patriot. She needs to be deported along with him. I wonder if Mexico would accept her and their children?