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Political movies are not a hit with public

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Hollywood - the land of loonies and liberals - has always taken left-wing positions in the world of politics. Those ultra-rich elite so enjoy providing entertainment that bashes other ultra-rich elite because their political positions are on the other side of the spectrum.

So it comes as no surprise that Hollywood is debuting a host of anti-war, anti-Bush movies just in time (hopefully) to impact next year's presidential elections. But a funny thing is happening on the movie front. The anti-war movies are bombing more at the box office than our troops are bombing the enemy in Iraq. Seems that we like our movies to be a bit less partisan and perhaps a bit less heavy-handed.

"In the Valley of Elah" with three Oscar winners starring, opened to virtually empty seats within the past month and "Rendition," also starring three Oscar winners, finished in ninth place at the box office, just behind the 14-year old release of "The Nightmare Before Christmas." Another highly-touted anti-war movie "No End In Sight" went straight to DVD - it didn't even try to attract an audience.

Now these flops don't mean we Americans necessarily support the war in Iraq. It just means that we attend the movies for entertainment, not politics. But that won't stop Hollywood from trying to impose their brand of politics under the guise of movie-making.

During World War II, Hollywood turned out film after film promoting the war effort and making heroes out of everyday servicemen who were defending our country. My how times have changed! Now Hollywood bends over backward to portray America as a world bully. But the viewing public isn't buying it apparently.

Regardless of your brand of politics, I hope you share the same joy as I do over the Oscar-winning flops that will cost someone in Hollywood a small fortune. I'm glad that we have a bit more sense than to allow the liberal left coast to mold our opinions on anything. I mean after all, Michael Moore actually tried (in his Hollywood style) to tell us that the medical service in Cuba was superior to that here in the States. And other than New York and Los Angeles, apparently few are flocking to see the world according to Michael Moore. Good for us!

I hope Hollywood gets the message though that is unlikely. But if they want to spend money to tell us how bad we are, let them try. Give the American public more credit than to follow the line of some Hollywood elite who believes his money and name recognition can buy our vote.

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Michael Jensen
Michael Jensen