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If this were 2008 ...

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Just close your eyes and imagine with me for just a moment if you will. Let's say that today your calendar says 2008 and not 2007. It's that special Tuesday in November when Americans select a new leader. In the past year, we've heard more, read more and seen more about the politics of this country than anyone of us can fully absorb.

So here we sit - 2008 - and you're about to cast what could well be the most important single vote of your life. (Yes, I realize political columnists are prone to call every election "the most important, etc." but there's reason to believe why today's vote falls into that category).

Can you fully recognize what is actually at stake today? Can you fathom the direction this country could take based on your decision today? Ignore personalities (which will be impossible with Sen. Clinton on the ballot) and think instead of policies. And then picture the world under the controlling hand of the Senator from Arkansas/New York.

The world of politics doesn't scare me, it fascinates me. But the politics of Ms. Clinton scare the hell out of me. If you'll do just a little homework, it will scare you as well.

The politics of Hillary Clinton are clearly designed to create class warfare in this country by taking from those who produce and giving to those who cannot or will not. On that single point, there is absolutely, positively no disagreement.

So your point of view is likely swayed by the position in which you find yourself. And don't be so shallow as to think this discussion is isolated to universal health care or the impending depletion of Social Security benefits. Those are just two of the hot topics.

Today's election (remember we're in 2008) reaches far, far beyond single issues. It reaches into the philosophy of government, the role and size of government and just how much government you want in making your personal decisions. It's not a race or gender nor political party affiliation. You must understand this before you make that ballot decision.

If George W. Bush - soon to be our former President - had not been such a dismal failure on so many fronts, the Honorable Senator from Arkansas/New York would not stand a chance today. But Bush has alienated so many Republicans and infuriated so many Democrats, that a change of power is almost inevitable. And when the smoke clears, today's ballot will undoubtedly include Ms. Clinton's name.

Now open your eyes (which would be helpful if you're trying to read this column) and find joy in the fact that your calendar says 2007 and not 2008. And realize there remains ample time to find a solution with much more promise for all Americans than those offered by Ms. Clinton.

One closing thought. I am old enough that I could withstand four or eight years of the lady from New York. It wouldn't be pleasant but I could make it. It's my children and their children and someday far into the future, their children. Those are the ones who will pay a price beyond compare.

As the line in the horror movie goes, "Be afraid, be very afraid. . ."

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Michael Jensen
Michael Jensen