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Blaming parents is not a good defense

Sunday, June 22, 2003

It was just a matter of time. A teenage criminal who kidnapped a businessman and then tried to kill pursuing police with his AK-47, is using a unique defense that I or you could have predicted long ago. The teenager's attorney said he should be spared extreme punishment because his parents did not adequately supervise him as a youth.

So there you have it. Kill, maim, kidnap, rob, etc. and blame it on your parents who failed to "adequately supervise" your formative years.

Where in the hell has personal responsibility evaporated? How can any criminal defendant and his hired mouthpiece point the finger of blame at anyone and everyone but the one who committed the crime? This is insanity people. Pure and simple.

Antonio Nunez was just 14 when he and an accomplice kidnapped a businessman and then fired multiple shots at police in their getaway. A jury sentenced Nunez to life in prison for attempted murder of a police officer, assault, evading, street terrorism and committing crimes for the benefit of a street gang. Let's just assume for argument's sake that Nunez was not a poster child for an exemplary youth. He was a street thug, gangster and headed to prison eventually. In his case, eventually arrived when he was 14. But a person firing at police with an AK-47 is a criminal regardless of their age.

So his parents probably were equally upstanding citizens. Who really cares. Nunez, regardless of his age, fully understood the seriousness of his crime. To argue otherwise is to lie in the face of the facts.

Defense attorney Joel Garson tried to tell the jury that Nunez's criminal past was really "very minor" and that the traumatic life he led was to blame for his outrage on that particular day in his life. Well Mr. Garson tell your phony excuses to someone who cares. I don't.

Granted, a young boy sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole is a tragedy on all levels. But were his aim a bit better, you could have explained his "traumatic life" to the survivors of the policemen's families that he was trying to kill. I'm sick and tired of this blameless society that is the creation of the legal community and the thugs who clog our court system. Hooray for a jury who saw through that rhetoric and put in prison someone who truly deserves to be there.

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