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SpeakOut 10/5

Friday, October 5, 2007

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This is for all you parents, grandparents and great-grandparents who are sitting home feeling sorry for yourselves because no one ever comes by to see you. It's a miracle that you have kids, grandkids and great-grandkids that are playing sports, going to be in the Cotton Carnival parade, concerts and everything, and you are not there. You should be thankful that your child, grandchild or great-

grandchild lives within 30 miles of you and you can drive to see this things, especially since you are retired and no longer working. Your child and grandchild may still have jobs and be working and still have to get there. All you have to do is get there. It's really sad some of you can drive to Cape, Paducah, Poplar Bluff and Dexter to go shopping, but you can't drive out to the Sports Complex to see your child, your grandchild or your great-grandchild play ball. We sure think about ourselves don't we? Nobody ever comes to see me, nobody ever calls me, nobody ever does this or that, but what do you do? Think about it.

I was wondering if there is any of the committee left from back in '68 who helped to get the school out of Morehouse into Scott County. I wonder if that committee ever thinks that if they reorganized the school district here back in '68 like the town of Delta, they would still have a school here and businesses in town. Then with businesses and the school to bring in revenue, the town wouldn't be worrying about how they are going to pay their bills and the upkeep of things. Thank you committee for what you've done to the town.

I'd like to comment on the shrubbery and stuff at Wendell Apartments. I know it cost a small fortune to put that in there. The bushes are dying from the air conditioners blowing on them. There are vines growing up covering the air conditioners. There's trees growing up in them. I don't know whose job it is to take care of them. The one who is there can't do everything, but there should be something done to keep it up. After you put all that money in something, you need to take care of it. Wendell is a good place for people like me that are alone and they have security there. I would like to see the place kept up.

I was wondering how much Social Security you paid in on 50 cents a day. And how much do you draw if that's all you really made?