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SpeakOut 11/5

Monday, November 5, 2007

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I was recently visiting my High School reunion in Sikeston and was horrified by what I saw and heard. The neighborhood where I grew up was once a fairly nice community. You can thank Jimmy Carter for what it is today. His free housing program destroyed the community. The government pays the biggest majority for low class people to live wherever they want and the renter paying a small fee. This being free from our Democratic President had its backfall. Not only is the community rundown, it also brought in crime. I was told that there are shootings in that part of town on a daily basis. I have a sister that lives on the west end of town and she confirms that this is true. My sisters lives by herself and I worry about her safety. Houses there are being bulldozed and that's probably the best thing. A landlord would have to be out of his mind to rebuild there. Also, when I graduated in the early 70's, we had a class of 300. I was reading the newspaper about the 2006 seniors who graduated and guess what, about 300 graduated. This town doesn't want to grow. The rich people of Sikeston just want to keep getting richer. They want control and they are getting it. They pay low wages and they don't want big corporations there. This is a Democratically controlled city. The Republicans aren't perfect, but their morals are by far better. So until the Sikeston people wake up, this town will always be nothing. The rich and political people of this city always find ways to bribe and sway the low class with free stuff and grants. And thank you Jimmy Carter for your help in making the community a hellhole. Texas Jack

This is to Misinformed. The Bible does not mean for capable people to set on welfare handouts for working people to pay for. I believe in helping others when they need it and it's deserved. I'm sick of you blaming everything on President Bush. He has inherited a mess from the Democrats and has encountered more huge problems than anyone I know. I don't say the Clinton Gang did anything good. He could have had Bin Laden more than once, but did nothing but hunker under the desk and play nasty. He was handed a good economy that was going down hill before he left. I've never heard of anyone but that bunch ransacking the White House and Air Force One and selling the items on E-bay. What kind of childish behavior is that? All I've ever seen any of them do is run down everything the Republicans try to do. I've never heard a plan to help anything. Next thing, he will be blamed for the fires in California like everything else. Mark my words, if Heaven forbid old lady Clinton and her first lady boy-man take over again with that witch Pelosi, we ain't seen nothing yet! It will be doomsday. What a sad world that has nobody better than Gore to give the Peace Award to. Don't they realize climates change gradually through the centuries? The earth shifts and glaciers move. Like he's helping with his big fuel burning jets traveling all over the world? Try to pry your head out of dark place and try to make sense. I don't think God encourages vanity like in Edwards and his $400 haircuts. And you think he's such a Christian? Where did you get that?

Hey Mike, the lot on the west side of the post office does not belong to the post office. I know it's torn up and in bad shape, but you need to call US Bank. They're the ones who own the parking lot. All the post office parking lot is concrete, not asphalt. Thank you very much and have you a good ole day.