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SpeakOut 11/25

Saturday, November 24, 2007

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Sikeston I would like to see you get some of these big, nice buildings occupied with Kroger, Schnucks, Menards, especially Menards. We don't have anyplace to get anything good since Riggs went out. There's a lot of nice places that you could put a Menards in. We really need it. There's a lot of stuff out there to fill them big empty buildings.

Has the President and the Congress gone deaf, *&%# and blind? Have they forgotten that they are there to do the will of we the people? All they have done is talk, talk, talk while our country is deteriorating at a fast clip from uninvited population, mounting war debt for our children, grandchildren and their children, rising prices on everything, increasing crime, lack of health care for our citizens, lack of jobs, decline of the middle class from the burden it is forced to carry. No action taken to reduce the dependence on oil, just talk. We have railroad tracks all over the country, why isn't long distance freight hauling and passenger transportation already activated? Give the highways a rest of wear and tear and make them safer. We have more public transportation in our state and towns, it would be more affordable and offer a choice of walk, ride or pay the price. Many changes could be made immediately if our leaders were more serious about we the people. This is our crisis in part. It would seem that we are all in the position of being reduced to poverty. I am a law abiding citizen of this country that our forefathers struggled to make. I'm a retired teacher and hope to finish out my life in peace and independent of others. I would like to think my children, grandchildren and greats have at least the same opportunity, but I'm not sure. It's hard to be optimistic about it when the present and future picture is so bleak. Too much talk, and I'm &%#$ mad about it, how about you? Let's do something to make sure Washington gets our message.

After seeing Pat Robertson's endorsement of Rudy Giuliani, I realize that, first of all, religious nuts don't really believe what they preach, and second, it's not what Pat Robertson comes across in the Psalms that drives his politics, it's what comes across his palms.

I heard that Ryan's was closed down because of cockroaches. It may interest you, last time I went there I took a BB pistol with me so I could shoot them.

- - -

This is Blair Scott and I know the reason Ryan's closed, they had rats and roaches. That's what one of the workers told me. One time I ate there and found a roach in my salad. That's the reason why they closed and it's disgusting.

This is our good ole Missouri tax dollars at work. I went by a construction crew here on the highway. Five Missouri Highway Department employees around it, one working, four on the cellphone talking.

This is to Pass on pop. If you will reread what I read in SpeakOut, you will know that I'd take the free pop. I didn't say I would buy the pop or the milk. Thank you.