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SpeakOut 3/24

Monday, March 24, 2008

Call 471-6636

I'm calling about the speak out, Trying to track a trainer, where the man or woman was trying to find a personal trainer. My boyfriend, Justin Brew would like to put his name and phone number in for them. He is a personal trainer. His number is 380-2603.

Well, now we have Krjacir back in the Cape County jail. He was already doing multiple life sentences in Illinois. Now us Missouri taxpayers have to pay to house him now for no apparent reason because he could have died in the Illinois prison. Let's make sure we get him and prosecute him and let the corrections officer get away with murder.

This is in response to Quick draw. You should be more careful what you say about people. Just because he was a parole violator does not mean he deserved to die. I'm not saying it was an accident or it was intentional. But you have to remember, that was someone's son.

We were wondering why when you drive through the city of Morley late at night, everybody has their porch lights on. What's the deal? You would think has high as electric is they wouldn't be burning a porch light all night long.

This is Miner Police Department. Who follows the police anyhow, especially the police chief? The next time a city officer follows me through town right on my back bumper for no reason - I was not speeding and everything works on my car - he's going to buy the rear end of a car. I'm gonna jam the brakes.

Can anyone tell me what happened to the charges of DUI and carrying a concealed weapon against our prosecutor of Scott County, Paul Boyd? He ought to be held to a higher standard than the rest of our citizens.

There are two individuals that share the same name. The charges were not on the one that is the prosecutor of Scott County.

Making a difference: The lack of logic, continuity and clarity in this article just illustrates the sorry result of the "no child left behind" concept. Apparently this person needs to first make an outline or else THINK before putting pen to paper or mouth to phone. What'd she say?

Corporate leaders forgot; yesss! Michael, so well put! My thoughts precisely. This is a great article. You go, guy!

This is to the Charleston fan who stated that Sikeston had a cupcake schedule and Charleston played a rough schedule. First all, Sikeston beat Charleston and besides that match-up, both teams played at least 10 other schools in common. Charleston did play some smaller schools that Sikeston did not play but Sikeston played larger schools that Charleston did not play. Sikeston did a great job and no one should take that away from them.

What can we do as citizens to prevent the city from spending an enormous amount of money for a few people and a walking track? Why can't they spend it for our streets or other maintenance that I can't think of right now? But we do need street repairs bad in this city. Why can't we spend it for that instead?

This is a call regarding Ingram 500. I hear that SEMO offers a lot of public safety classes that you can take if you want to become an officer and catch people speeding on Ingram. If that's all your father has to do, and you, is to track people's speeding, then I think you need to get a life.

In the Thursday, March 13 paper there was an article about St. Denis students putting on a program called Living Stations. In the article they mentioned that while Jesus was on His way to Calvary, according to the Bible, Jesus left an image of his face on Veronica's veil. I have never heard this before and I was wondering where in the Bible this was mentioned.

The story of Veronica and her veil does not, in fact, occur in the Bible, though the apocryphal "Acts of Pilate" gives this name to the woman with a blood flow who was cured by touching the hem of Jesus' cloak. Critics of the incidents historicity point to the very name of the saint: "Veronica" is a combination of Latin and Greek words meaning "true image." Nonetheless, the story has been a part of popular Christian culture for centuries. As early as the 300s, there were documents, which spoke of the existence of the veil, but only in the Middle Ages was it strictly connected to the Passion of Jesus Christ. Catholics have honored this tradition in their 6th Station of the Cross.