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Speakout 10/4

Thursday, October 4, 2007

In today's (Wednesday's) paper there was a picture and short article about a dart team called the Spear Chuckers. Back in the dark ages, when I was in high school, that was a racial slur about twice as bad as the "N" word. I'm surprised no one noticed, and I'm not sure I'd be proud to call myself a spear chucker at all.

I just want to speak out about Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and how they make their living. If they don't keep racism stirred up nobody's got to send them money. If they would drop out of the picture and quit hollering racism, they would go broke. There were six black boys that beat this one white boy up. He's the victim, not the black boys. Plus one of them had been arrested four times for assault and battery. He has a history of being in trouble. I don't know if it's racism or not, but I just know there's a lot of white people that have been discriminated by the blacks, they just don't go around screaming about it like the blacks do. Just remember the next time you send them money, that's how they're making a living.

To the person who helped herself to our rings during our moving sale on Shady Lane back in May: I wish you could know just for one minute the tremendous feeling of loss and misery your thievery has caused us. I have not yet been able to face my aged and invalid mother with this horrible news. She had such satisfaction in contributing her treasure to our marriage. She did not have the resources to give us anything else and nothing could have meant more to us. This ring is the one my dad gave her when he married her in 1935. I don't know how to tell her the ring has been stolen by some schmuck. The Masonic ring represents a great accomplishment on the part of my husband. One does not take what does not belong to them. You knew these rings were not yours when you took them. I hope with all my heart this despicable act will come back to haunt you unless you return them. Please return our rings to P.O. Box 218, Sikeston, Mo. 63801 while you still have the opportunity.

I am calling about the guy who called in about the woman who was married to someone from another country and had seven children. For his information, it said they both had a job. And for another thing, this world is equal. I thought the United States was the land of the free. So what's the problem for them to be in the United States? They have just as much right to be here as anyone else. I think he needs to put his glasses on and re-read that article. It said they both worked. The only thing she was talking about was that she had children and didn't want to lose her husband and have to depend on welfare. If they have 15 kids, it really shouldn't matter as long as they are working and not depending on welfare. And yeah, they would be missed by their friends and family. And if he don't like it, he needs to go back where he came from.