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SpeakOut 11/27

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Call 471-6636

I'd like to know why East Prairie needs so many storage units. They are where ever you look. I don't think we need all these. We need more eating places or places to shop in. East Prairie is going down, down, down. We could use clothing stores or grocery stores. All those storage units make East Prairie look trashy.

I was calling about Where's the Tupperware. I sell Tupperware in the Sikeston are. My number is 724-9153. Whoever wants Tupperware, give me a call day or night.

I see in the paper where the animal hospital center here in Sikeston is taking holiday pet pictures. I would like to know why the one in Charleston don't do the same thing for their customers.

We just heard on the news where Bush said they are running out of money to send overseas for the war. Why don't he just step down and sell some of his oil wells and send that money over there. Seems to me like he's the only one that's got any money. The rest of us poor folks are paying $3 or more a gallon for gas. He's the one that needs to pay for the war, not the taxpayers. They've been paying for it for the last three years.

To the person with the delivery dilemma. Just wondering why if you are having a problem with the way things are being delivered, that you don't contact the delivery company instead of putting it in SpeakOut? SpeakOut won't solve whatever problem you are having but the company will if you would at least give them a chance. Also, are you absolutely sure no one knocked or rang your bell? Could you have been in a part of the house that you heard no knock? Is it just possible that maybe the TV was on and you heard a bell but thought it was the TV? Come on - delivery men don't just drop off a package without trying to see if someone is there first. You saw the truck leaving your driveway - how did you know the truck was there in the first place? Okay, since I am assuming that your reason to go to SpeakOut was for solutions to this problem (instead of calling the company) I've got some ideas for you. One, tell whomever is sending a package to you, either a person or company, to request a signature at time of delivery. That way nothing will be left because it has to have a signature for release. Two, have a note on your door telling delivery drivers not to leave packages but leave a note that a package had come and you would pick it up at whatever station they designate. Three, have a note on your door to leave packages at a neighbor's house. Four, check your doorbell - it may not be working. Five, you got a problem, contact UPS, FedEx, DSL, Post Office, whomever so that they know that you have a problem. They can't fix it if you don't tell them. Simple little ideas like this are so easy to accomplish. Unless, of course, you would rather complain on SpeakOut instead of having a solution to any problem you may have.

Amen. Now that's the real purpose of this community column.

Okay, here we go again to the citizens of East Prairie, everybody that pays taxes. There is a half-cent sales tax in April 2008. I hope the taxpayers remember before they vote how they did our kids on that swimming pool. It took them three or four years ago to get up that swimming pool that ran for one or two years. Think real hard about this.