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SpeakOut 12/6

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Call 471-6636

This is a great-grandmother who is looking for Santa Claus to come and visit her dinner party for her great-grandchildren who are ages 1-11. Have Santa Claus contact me if he has the time at 472-3832. And Merry Christmas to all.

This is in response to Monday, Nov. 26 SpeakOut on Benefits of an education. I park in the handicapped space at Lowe's because I am handicapped. I go there with the contractor that does the work for the home we purchased here in Sikeston. I just want them to know that I'm not doing the work, the contractor is. I meet him there to decide on things and I park in the handicapped space so I don't have to walk so far.

In reply to Benefits of education, it was told on the news that many veterans are homeless. They make up 40 percent of the homeless population. Most are mentally or physically disabled and are unable to work. They fought to save our freedom. You owe to them by paying taxes. Have you ever lived in a cardboard box and ate trash out of a trashcan for your supper. Some veterans have. Hurray for the veterans. They are God's heroes.

We recently had a death in our family and one member of the family began writing thank-you cards for the flowers and gifts received. Since our family goes in all directions, we had gifts of food, flowers and statues from many different areas. The person who was writing the thank-you notes had no idea who some of the people were that sent things. I was wondering why flower shops don't take the time to put the addresses of senders on the back of the card? They certainly know who sends them because they take the information down when they are ordered. It would make it a lot easier on the family left behind if they had that information. Then cards could be sent out in a timely manner, and they wouldn't have to spend their time tracing down unknown people's addresses like the FBI.

Whoever laid out the streets back in the neighborhood of Plantation Boulevard is a moron. One side of Plantation is one name of a street, the other side of Plantation is another name of a street. But it's the same street you're crossing. What an idiot!

I have a question. On Main Street in Sikeston, in the center of the four lanes, there is a lane that is marked with a yellow-orange colored stripe. Is that lane a turn lane that you pull into to make a left-hand turn into a business or a street? Or is that a lane to pull out and drive along until you can merge out into the traffic to your right? I am confused by the lane. I think it's a turn lane only, but the majority of the people seem to think it's a lane that you can pull out in. Then if you are wanting to make a left-hand turn, you can't get into that lane because they are waiting for traffic to clear so they can get over. So, just to make sure before I give someone a really dirty look for being in my way, I would like to make exactly sure what that lane is used for.

Go ahead and give that dirty look!

I was wondering if the tabs off of aluminum cans are worth anything? I have a bucket of them. I have heard that they help kidney patients or whatever. I'd like to know.