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SpeakOut 12/5

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

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This is ole Rocking the boat again. A caller wanted to know where in the Bible it stated that a woman could not pastor a church. Read 1 Timothy 2 and 12: Deuteronomy 1 and 1; 1 Timothy 3 and 12; Titus 1 9 and 6; Corinthians 14, 34-47. The Bible teaches that they will turn away their ears from the truth, sound Bible preaching, where a man of God will no longer be endured or tolerated by many within the church. You men in the pulpits of the church today, just don't forget the Bible teaches not to add or take away from God's Holy Word. This will be ol' Rocking the boat's last SpeakOut article. Those who disagree with me, just read your Bible. It's in black and white.

- - -

To the person who called about women preaching in the churches. If you will take your Bible and turn to 1 Corinthians, Chapter 13, verses 34 and 35. It says women keep silent in the churches. Read your Bible people. You will understand it better instead of arguing about it.

- - -

This is to the person that wanted to know about female preachers. God calls people to preach, not man, God does. It's God's decision if a man or a woman preaches. Do I think God calls gays and lesbians, no. He loves them, but because of their lifestyle He will not use them. But he will call a woman to preach. It's not man's choice, it's God's choice. But man has taken God out of church and put man into it. Man is the head of household. A lot of us women want to castrate a man and take their place. We need to take ourselves out of religion and put God back into it and what He created.

I would like to speak out in regards to the article where the people were bashing President Clinton and his women. I'd just like to say this. Everything was better and different when we had President Clinton in there. President Clinton didn't let any of his carrying on interfere with his job. He did a excellent job in every aspect of his life. What he and his women done, that was him and his God for it and him and his family. I don't think that is any of our business, as long as he performed his job, which he did. He still looks so dignified, he looks like a president. We didn't have the stuff going on when he was in there that is going on now. I'd just love to see him back in there and I pray that Hillary gets it.

I'm calling in comments about the articles that have been in the paper about Missouri tax dollars at work. For your information, my husband works at MoDOT and they do work. You may have seen them on their cell phone, but they may have been ordering concrete or asking a supervisor for something. Taxes come out of their checks also so get your facts straight before you start talking about them.