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Speakout 12/2

Sunday, December 2, 2007

I drove by Wendell Apartments today and there was a lady raking leaves. I can understand picking up trash, but raking leaves? There were more falling than she was able to rake.

Give her credit. We need more like her.

I would like to say to the person who put the article in SpeakOut entitled Pet your pets, amen! I would also like to add there should be tougher laws on people who drop their unwanted puppies or kittens into woods or along the highway.

In view of the increased number of suicides and emotional problems for returning military personnel and others in the military, maybe the Pentagon should revise and rework its techniques for basic training, which I understand involves tearing down the ego of new recruits and then rebuilding it into a killing machine. Why do that? I would not want that done to my child. Why not just train them in fighting skills and leave their personalities alone? The best warriors throughout history have been those who were of the highest intelligence and training, not those who were turned into gladiator beasts. What is our military thinking? What is their plan? I'd like to see it changed. I don't think a more refined training for recruits will alter their effectiveness, in fact it might improve it.

Could I get someone to explain the tax for me? I know that it is .7975, but I have an invoice and the food tax is lower. I have an invoice in my hand that shows food, $2; Hefty bags, $5.75; tax no. 1, 44 cents; and tax no. 2, 9 cents. The total of the invoice is $8.28. I'm not understanding this. Takes someone smarter than me. Can someone please explain this?

This is to the comment to the pastors entitled You can't take it with you. A man was talking about pastors taking people out to eat on Sundays. Well, I'm a pastor. I know what you are talking about when you talk about a can of pork and beans. At times my family has had to do without. This whole persona that you got that pastors are driving around in fancy cars and living it up, well you are looking at it from the wrong side and wrong point of view. The pastor's life is not the most glorious life, but it's the life chosen for us to do by God. We are men of God. I do agree that some pastors go to extreme lengths when it comes to money instead of spirit. But I know for a fact that if anybody needs help in any way, whether it be commodities or a tank of gas, they are blessed. The Bible tells us to be content with what we have and not worry about the wants, but worry about the things that are needs. You just need to be sure with what you read in God's Word. Your are doing a from of judging yourself when you're looking at the pastors and the churches. And you say you tithe and you can't take it with you. What have you done on a personal basis yourself to help those in need? When have you bought someone a tank of gas? When have you paid someone's utility bill? It goes two ways. You have to live church throughout the week, it's not just a building. You are the church. It's not just a group of people, individuals need to make a change, too. Read that in your Bible.