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Speakout 5/17

Monday, May 17, 2004

Here's something I don't understand. The issue today is about people driving motorcycles and whether or not they should be required to wear a helmet. I see people driving their motorcycles 70-80 miles an hour and not wearing a helmet. But if I'm in my car, I am required by law to wear a seat belt. What's the difference? People can fall off a motorcycle going 70 mph without wearing a helmet and with no protection for their heads. If they get hurt, the taxpayer will be the one footing the medical bills.

I see in the paper this terrible thing that two of Dennis Ziegenhorn's workers are missing. Were they on the take or are they just taken? They seem like real stand-up people to me. Maybe it's just a sign of the times. Know what I mean?

Why is it every time someone is killed, it always has to be gang or drug related? For example, when the white guy got stabbed in the cab, nobody said it was gang or drug related. The police always try to make blacks look bad. Maybe if the police would start treating every crime equally, maybe they could solve the crimes more easily. They always think the worst of black people. There are some good in every race. Not everyone was born to lie, kill or steal.

When law enforcement officials investigate a case, they look at the facts of the case, not the color or race of the person or persons involved. The people to ask if a case is drug or gang related are the people who commit those crimes. Criminals also come in all races.