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SpeakOut 3/4

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I want to speak out about all the candidates running for president. Out of all the candidates running for president, I have not heard a one saying anything about bringing jobs back or trying to get more jobs. That's what we need, people are hurting. Lots of people have lost their jobs, and can only find low-

income jobs. And don't anyone say you need to go to college and get skills. After you go and spend your money, where are you going to go? Everyone has the jobs and are not about to let go of them. Even some of the retired people have had to go back to work. Obama's wife didn't love her country until he started running for the White House. That tells me one thing - they won't have to worry about anything. They will have it made. He's always talking about a change. Hmph, what change? We know the changes he is going to make sure won't help the U.S. and the poor people. I'm sick of him and he hasn't made it to the White House yet. I know who will benefit. Maybe we will need more people at the Family Services. That's where we're all headed. Or maybe we can live off the streets and get free lunches. I'd like to know what people mean by voting for a man like that.

I'd like to know why you haven't printed anything I've called in. I've called in several times. You keep letting these hateful people get on there. I thought this was SpeakOut - that you could speak out about anything you wanted. You keep letting these hateful people call on there about poor people who need dental work. I have called in something and it doesn't get put in there. Seems to me like the same ol' hateful person keeps getting in there. The only thing I've got to say is it's not all illegals and aliens that needs this medical care - we're talking about people who can't help their selves. These hateful people need to shut their mouth until they find out what's going on. They don't know the people that need dental care so they need to shut up. Besides, they aren't paying for it anyway. I paid taxes all my life and so has my daughter. My little mentally retarded daughter works every day of her life and pays taxes and has for years. Quit worrying about it and shut up. You must really be something else to not want to help anybody. You must really be something buddy.

I think the percentage of what you get printed is pretty good. Just because you call four or five times and word it a little differently, doesn't mean each one should be published. Once is enough.

I just read your article, Voting dilemma. If you do not want to vote for a woman, a black or a war activist or a preacher, then please vote for Ron Paul.

This is in regards to the person that called in and said McCain should go to the war in Iraq, get shot at and see what it feels like. Are you a complete idiot or what? McCain was in Vietnam. He was shot down, held captive for years as a POW. He knows what it's like to be shot at, knows what it feels like to be wounded, knows what it's like to be in a war. I can't believe that you're that uninformed. I sure hope you don't go out and want to vote. We don't need people like you voting. We need informed voters that go out to vote. The uninformed just go go out, look at the form and say, "Oh well, it doesn't matter. I'll just mark an X on this spot." Man, no wonder industry doesn't want to come to Sikeston with idiots like you calling up to SpeakOut.

We were wondering how come some of these towns don't pick up these limbs that are laying beside the street? In other towns like Cape and Jackson, they are picking up limbs if the people lay them by their driveways. In Morley, they sure don't pick 'em up. I think the town could at least do something for the people who pay city taxes. We were wondering when that yellow truck they have parked in front of city hall would come around and pick our limbs up. If it wasn't for the citizens of Morley paying taxes, the city workers wouldn't have no salaries. I don't know where the taxes go. They're sure not put to good use anywhere else.