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SpeakOut 12/26

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

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Day after day I read the paper and see the births. I find it disgusting that the Standard Democrat would even waste the time and ink to print where somebody has delivered their fifth child, they're unmarried. It's not going to change anything the way these people reproduce. It's certainly not going to lower our tax bill to support them after they get here. I do not see the need of glorifying it by publicizing it.

Kathy Sweeney has this report on things that are not honest and goes out and finds things to report about. She can go down there and investigate the manager of the Daily Standard and find out why he doesn't put in the newspaper what people speak about. Because after all, he says they can comment on anything. Maybe she can go down there and investigate him because he's not honest enough to put in the comments that people make and what they have to say about certain things, no matter what it is.

'Tis the season to be thankful. If it weren't for all the churches and all the people who help these people that are in need at Christmas, there would be no Christmas morning to wake up to toys and goodies. I cannot believe how churches and other people who are barely making ends meet are helping out people that are less fortunate. I think the state and the government ought to look at that because they are the greedy people, not the ones that are being thankful and helping others. What goes around, comes around. You may need it someday and God will surely bless you for it. Merry Christmas and God bless you.

I called last week twice. There was no foul language, nothing bad in it. All I did was ask for a little help. You never printed it. I did neglect to leave my phone number but that's only because I have an ex that would recognize my phone number. Well, let's put it this way, there would be repercussions still, even though he's an ex. I can't leave my number where it's read everywhere and anybody can see it. He has to have it because there's a child involved. I have nothing for my child for Christmas. I have nothing for myself for Christmas. My refrigerator is empty, no food. I do have cans of soup, mostly mushroom, a couple are tomato. You didn't print it last week, so I guess you won't print this one. I don't know, should I come knocking on all of your doors? I can look your phone numbers up. By the way, the ex is also starting to harass me again. Please, I would appreciate it if you would print the comment I made about not having anything for Christmas.

To the body builder who threatened to put me in the hospital for many years, yes, I believe you could have done it. And apparently if you just got out of prison after 11 years, you are willing. But thank God the good citizens of Missouri voted in "right to carry" not too long ago. When you were threatening me I had a gun pointed at you the whole time. So I really wasn't scared of you. I was more scared of me losing my temper and hoping I wouldn't have to use it and legally stop you. Remember, just because you are big and tough, some person may have that equalizer that's called "right to carry."

What a selfish, childish and immature person you are. And you know who you are. To adopt a sweet little puppy, shower it with attention while it's little and cuddly, then after it grows up, never give it a kind word. Ignore it's wagging tail and happy face, confine it outside in the coldest wintry weather. Have your fine house, parade your family in church every Sunday, go dressed to the nine's to your job given to you by favoring friends. When I see you, I only see your sad little dog shivering in the cold wondering why you don't love it anymore. What a terrible example you're providing for your children. They'll grow up to be cold and mean just like you. You'll have a Merry Christmas I'm sure, but your little dog won't.