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SpeakOut 9/26

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Call 471-6636

It sure would be nice to relive the 60s. Life was so different then. Unemployment was unheard of. Family life was like the Cleavers on Leave it to Beaver. You could go to the ballgame in St. Louis and not spend your whole paycheck.

I am calling in regards to some things that have been going on in SpeakOut where it talks about a soap opera, where gays, two homosexual men were kissing. The person said that there was nothing wrong with it. Well, they need to read their Bible. As pastor of a church, the Bible plainly states that homosexuality is immorality and it is wrong in the eyes of God. There's nowhere in the Bible that says blacks and whites cannot kiss, but it does say that men or women of the same sex should not lie together. Somebody needs to read their Bible and get to church. People like that aren't going to grace the streets of gold. Read your Bible.

I'm certain I know the "small town in Southeast Missouri" that you are talking about that received an electric rate increase recently. What in the world are you complaining about? I would bet that they haven't changed their electric rates and salaries in so long that they were due for an adjustment. This "small town" has had the lowest electric rates in the state for the last 20-30 years. Even with the new increase, they are still the lowest, or close to it. If you can't afford your electric bill in the town with the lowest rates in the state, where are you going to move?

Someone wanted to know where to find Kentucky Colonel pecans. Their office, The Kentucky Nut Corporation. is in Hickman, Ky. The telephone number is 270-236-2662. They will ship them to you. These have the best flavor because they are the wild pecans.

I am appalled that any lady member of the American Legion Auxiliary would publicly cut down another one. We are there for a reason, not to cut each other down.

Mike, I'm calling to answer the one where the woman had seven children in eight years. If they don't like it in this country, they can always go to his country. And I'm sure I won't miss them. If they had that many children, they should have had a job or they have been on welfare one. To me, welfare is the ruination of our country to start with. I can remember back where I worked for 50 cents a day, and I see nothing wrong with that. That was as much as anybody was making back in them days. But I really believe that people like that who come here and took these girls that are probably not married, and if they are married they should go back to his country and get a job and go to work. We won't miss them here.