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Speakout 7/23

Monday, July 24, 2006

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The farmers have not been burning the fields off, they used to plow it under and use it for fertilizer. Whoever that has been calling and saying they've been doing it since the century has been here, they are wrong. They are dreaming. Farmers used to conserve more and people did. I'm sure there would be other means for food.

I want to say a special thank you to Officer Dennis for a job he did very good at my home Saturday morning. I would just like to thanks to the whole DPS. I do think he deserves employee of the month for what he did. I think he went out of his way to do a job very well done. I appreciate him so very much.

Sometimes people think hiring a handyman service out of the paper or cheaper is the best way to go. I just want to say yesterday and the day before we had an individual come to our home that we just bought in March and did some electrical work. We wanted him to put up a ceiling fan in our living room, a ventilation fan in our bathroom and change out a 220 plug to a 110 outlet. That's all we wanted. This took him two days to do this three things. He charged us two days worth of labor. There were several times when he would just be standing around and we would have to ask him what he was going to do next. I just want to say that sometimes it's best to get a certified electrician out of the phone book or locally that you can trust, rather than try and go the other way and get someone that you figure can get the job done quicker and cheaper. That's not always the best way to go. Learn from our mistake.

Mike, I was reading your article in Sunday's paper about people on disability making a mockery of the system. I've got a sister that is on disability. When you look at her, she looks healthy. She looks like she is able to work. But if you go inside her body, she has six degenerated discs in her back, she's got osteoarthritis in her spinal canal. The spinal canal is eating itself away because she worked with degenerated discs for so long because Worker's Comp would not put her on disability. So now she can barely walk. But you look at her she looks healthy as an ox. But then again, inside of her body is like any 80-year old woman. This is a true story. Just because a person looks healthy on the outside does not mean they are healthy on the inside. That was the wrong thing to say Mike. Yes, there are person that screw the system. You should not judge a person's disability by looking at them. My sister, she is in bad shape.