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Speakout 6/17

Friday, June 17, 2005

Call 471-6636

I want Speakout about some of these people complaining about having to pay taxes for the poor people. I'm a 60 year old woman. I'm a diabetic. I have kidney damage, failure almost. Osteoarthritis and a little bit of everything else. I worked in the past and they still claim they can't find nothing on me, which I can't understand. So I can't draw Social Security even though I worked all my life in nursing homes, helping other sick and disabled people. Still, they can't find it. Anyway just to let you people know that since I have all these problems, to make you guys feel better. You see it is people like us that is on Medicaid, they don't help us all that much because they won't even hospitalize me. My doctor told me that flat out that I needed to be in the hospital so they could get me monitored on some stuff about my heart and my diabetes. They can't do it because I'm on Medicaid. Medicaid don't do nothing hardly for nobody. We do without glasses for our eyes, without diabetic shoes, we do without a lot of things. So shame on you. You know you should be glad you are able to work and you get help you need and you are able to afford all this stuff. I'm just going to wait around to die or when I get real bad they will help me.

I just have a brief question. I noticed a few months ago about information about a 1985 class reunion for Sikeston High School. I have not seen anything else noted. I would like some more information about who you would contact or how to get more information about the 1985 Sikeston Public Schools class reunion. Please put that information in for me.

I'm calling about the person who called in about the $750 bonus to the school. I really think that who ever this is who called it in doesn't know anybody who actually has to work for the school, whether they be a teacher or not they still have to deal with those kids and still have to go to work everyday. They don't get the summers off like the teachers do. They work year round and they work very hard. Whoever this needs to go do the janitorial job for the school and see what it is like to work your butt off for nothing.