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Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2016

Speakout 8/21

Monday, August 21, 2006

I just heard on the 10 o'clock news that Blunt is not in favor of raising the minimum wage. He wants to keep it at $5.15. Well, I wish he could go ahead and work at a job where you sweat and make $5.15 an hour and have to make car payments, truck payments, house payments, pay insurance and raise a family because I don't think he could do it on $5.15 an hour. He needs to step down and let someone else take over in Jeff City if he wants to be that way. I don't know why he bothers to go to church on Sunday if he is like this the rest of the week. He is selfish, greedy and he don't know how to handle the government. He's a Republican on top of that. They need to clean house up there. He comes from a rich family. He don't know what it's like to get out in the cotton fields and work like some of us. He just gets everything handed to him. We need Warren Hearnes back up in Jeff City. We'd have a lot better country. Why should our ancestors have worked for what they believed in for our president and governor to destroy it all now?

There are several houses they let homeless people live in in Sikeston until they can get back on their feet. But when they have to move, they're no more on their feet than when they moved in. Also they've torn the houses up and they have to come in and redo them and we all know who pays the bill on that. The people that live in them don't even appreciate them enough to mow the yard. I have one next to me that the yard has been mowed twice this summer and that's because I complained to DAEOC and they mowed it. It's over knee-deep again. I have complained for over two weeks and they haven't done anything about it. It's the backyard and the side that are real deep. The front is not bad. They can afford a big basketball goal and half the neighborhood plays basketball so they keep that worn down pretty good. I'd just like the taxpayers to know where part of their money goes to.

This is a rodeo description. I overheard my son who is in his early 20's describing the Sikeston Jaycee Rodeo to an out of state friend. He described it as Sikeston's Cowboy Mardis Gras. With all the activities that go on all week I thought that this was particularly appropriate. I like it.

I'm highly concerned about all these Muslims coming in to our country. I don't think they've got but one thing on their mind and that's our destruction. They act like they are law abiding citizens but you let them get a toe hold and they all stick together to destroy us. We better wake up.

With the city cracking down on old run down and unkept buildings, how is it that the old service station building just west of Lewis Furniture on Malone is still standing?

My mother is 82. She called me at 8:15 and said her cleaning girl was going to get her breakfast and go to the bank and cash a check. I felt she was confused when she said she didn't come back for two hours. I took off from work to go check. You guessed it! I did go over and wait. Two hours until she came back, said she had to wait one hour at the bank. I called the bank, she was there and gone in five minutes. They are mistreating the older generation terribly. Doesn't anyone check on these girls? She sat down and talked on her cell phone, left early and got paid for it. I've had it with them. A daughter who is concerned.