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Speakout 6/1

Wednesday, June 1, 2005

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I just read the article in the Standard in Annie's Mailbox about how difference are made in kids in family situations. It is kind of funny because we just had a discussion about that Sunday. It wasn't just the kids but the grandkids and the great-kids, etc. They don't understand why and it is hard to explain to them that there is that much difference about how you care for someone. At a young age you do not understand that. We all need to watch ourselves and try to be equal in caring for all people in our family, no matter what age or what size, no matter what color.

I'm very proud of Sikeston. I am proud it is growing. As one of the citizens of Sikeston, I think it is great. But if we are going to build new homes, new apartments, new condominiums, should not we be building or trying to bring some kind of companies that will let people be able to afford the housing. You have some of the greatest medical staff there is in Sikeston.They are overworked, they are under paid. Why not reach out and try to bring in a healthcare facility, nursing home, that will pay these people. I guarantee that if you would bring in something that they could get paid a decent wage, they would do it. Bring in some kind of factories. Good Humor is a great place to work but they can only employee so many people. Brown Shoe is a great place to work, they can only employ so many people.

I would like to Speakout about where our heritage is going. I'm 52 years old and my husband and I live east of Matthews. We used to enjoy driving through there and looking at the old W.A. Gemeinhardt Gin and remembering our grandparents and great-grandparents and what that stood for. Now, it is tore down by some do-gooders, so all we have is an empty lot to grow up with weeds and grass. For what purpose? Why is it so wrong with keeping our past. I don't understand why we are tearing down everything that pertains to our past. What are our grandchildren going to see when they grow up? They will have no idea about what life used to be. I don't think things are getting any better. People have gone absolutely nuts that they can't hang on to their past and share it with their children and grandchildren and their grandchildren.

I need to respond to "Stop carping." I don't know where this person gets this. We were completely deficit free. The last four years and we are going to the fifth, we are in debt up to our eyeballs. Poor people can not get health care. Our deficit is worse than it has been in history. This person must have their head in the sand.

I'm reading Tuesday, May 24, Standard where it says: "Yang saga ends." I think it is a sad state today when a man can brutally murder his wife and only get 20 years. Her life is gone. Why doesn't he serve a lifetime sentence himself?

I couldn't help but notice on the front page of the paper you have one guy getting 20 years for stabbing his wife to death and another getting 12 years for being in possession of some 22 rifle shells, he was a convicted felon. I just wondered about this truth in sentencing you have now? You didn't put in if the man who got the 15 years and the five years was going to run concurrent or consecutive. If it is going to run concurrent, then he only got 15 years. And this other got 12 years for possession of 22 rifle shells? Give me a break. It looks like the Supreme Court has gone completely crazy when they say you can't shackle a murderer when you bring him in for sentencing. You have to know they are pretty good guys if they have already been convicted of murder, right?

We have a president who looks at the entrails of a goat before making a decision about supporting scientific research.